Quality Management is one of the basic challenges of contact centers. With the right methods, quality management can be the main force behind improved agent performance, qualified call center operations and enhanced customer experience.

SESTEK Automated Quality Management enables the evaluation of recorded customer interactions through customizable evaluation forms. The technology addresses the need for maintaining quality standards for contact center interactions and is, therefore, a key component of achieving customer satisfaction.

The basic features of Automated  Quality Management are the creation of customizable and intelligent evaluation forms, advanced call filtering options (that can be empowered by speech analytics) and user-friendly reporting interface.

Why SESTEK Automated Quality Management?

  • Automated quality assurance
  • Objective agent performance evaluation
  • Operational excellence
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction


  • Elaborate filtering options for specifying the most relevant interactions for evaluation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible, customizable and intelligent evaluation forms
  • Rule-based interaction between evaluation form items
  • Centralized administration and extensive role management
  • Agent scorecards
  • Rich and easy-to-use reporting interface and dashboards
  • Speech Analytics integration
  • FCR Analytics integration