Blacklist Identification is a biometric solution used by public security officials to identify individuals of interest for crime prevention. SESTEK Blacklist Identification solution enrolls voiceprints of individuals under investigation and identifies listed individuals via their voice.

SESTEK Blacklist Identification uses recorded calls of individuals as their voiceprints and compares these voiceprints with their voice in subsequent calls in order to identify blacklisted fraudsters.

By using natural speech for identity verification, SESTEK Blacklist Identification detects fraudsters through passive verification.

Key Benefits

Accurate identity verification via voice biometrics

Empowered crime investigation and prevention

Secure communication in critical environments

SESTEK is featured in DMG Consulting’s 2016 Voice Biometrics Product and Market Report. The report analyzes market trends and challenges. It reviews product innovation and competitive landscape. It also presents market activity data with five-year projections.

The report reviewed SESTEK Voice Biometrics technologies in terms of omni-channel capabilities, enrollment authentication methods, fraud/risk management approach, and value-added capabilities. SESTEK develops voice biometrics technologies with the aim of increasing efficiency by reducing costs and making life more convenient by providing practical solutions. To learn more about “The 2016 Voice Biometrics Product and Market Report,” please click here.