Call center interactions need to be captured for regulatory compliance and quality management purposes. SESTEK Call Recording provides a comprehensive interaction recording solution for call centers and customer service contact centers.

By recording 100 percent of calls, SESTEK Call Recording lets companies record and archive calls efficiently. As an irreplaceable component of Voice of the Customer solutions, SESTEK Call Recording enables companies to find specific calls quickly and easily with Speech Analytics integration.


SESTEK Call Recording provides these services to organizations:

  • Recording 100% of interactions with customers
  • Ensuring adherence to regulations
  • Capturing important insights about customer experience
  • Enabling improvement in service levels
  • Contributing to higher operational effectiveness


SESTEK Call Recording:

  • Easily adapts to the unique operational requirements of various call centers
  • Supports any telephony environment
  • Provides comprehensive multi-site call recording
  • Separates customer and agent speech through stereo recording
  • Includes an IP- and phone-number-based agent filtering/blocking feature