Before SESTEK SocializerVox

Unicredit-Yapı Kredi, one of Turkey’s leading banks, provides various services with a customer-oriented approach. The bank had been using a system called “Voice of the Customer” to monitor customers’ comments and answer their questions quickly in an interactive way. When social media emerged as an important source of information regarding customer satisfaction, Unicredit-Yapı Kredi began to search for a tool to monitor and analyze the content of social media.

Why SESTEK SocializerVox?

SESTEK’s social media analytics tool, SocializerVox, was implemented in the operations of Unicredit-Yapı Kredi to enable the bank to monitor and accurately analyze social media content. SESTEK SocializerVox actively keeps track of the web and helps construct a unified view of multichannel customer interactions. With its user-friendly interface, this social media analytics solution enables companies to manage analyses of themselves and their competitors and guarantees real-time tracking and analysis of social media. With its sentiment analysis feature, SESTEK SocializerVox classifies recorded content accurately and provides statistics based on classified terms. SESTEK’s social media analytics tool also captures invaluable customer intelligence and insights in terms of market conditions and product reputation while providing detailed reports with its rich and comprehensive reporting interface. During its deployment, SESTEK SocializerVox was integrated with Unicredit-Yapı Kredi’s Voice of the Customer platform.

After SESTEK SocializerVox

With the deployment of SESTEK SocializerVox in the operations of Unicredit-Yapı Kredi, the company’s Voice of the Customer platform began to receive data from social media. SESTEK’s social media analytics solution became an important tool in providing insight about customer experiences. All content about Unicredit-Yapı Kredi that was shared in social media could be monitored and classified with the help of detailed content and sentiment analysis. SESTEK SocializerVox also forwarded the specific social media content to the person responsible for the related topic and enabled an interactive approach for responding to social media messages. By monitoring and accurately analyzing social media content with the help of SESTEK’s social media analytics, Unicredit-Yapı Kredi is now able to keep track of each social media site, know what people think about the company’s services and answer each message quickly and with an interactive approach.