Before SESTEK Speech Enabled IVR

As one of the leading banks in Turkey, TEB BNP Paribas Joint provides a phone branch service that enables its customers to conduct various banking transactions, such as money transfers and investment transactions, by phone 24/7. With the goal of overcoming the complexity of menu navigation in traditional DTMF IVR systems, TEB BNP PARIBAS JOINT was searching for an effective solution to provide an enhanced telephone banking experience.

Implementation of SESTEK Speech Enabled IVR

SESTEK Speech Enabled IVR, a premium speech recognition technology, was implemented at TEB BNP Paribas Joint’s contact center. By combining automated speech recognition (ASR) and semantic interpretation technologies, SESTEK Speech Enabled IVR allows companies to replace IVR menus with simple verbal requests by customers. It also provides a simple and practical routing solution by letting users describe their needs in their own words and routing them to the right self-service application. With the implementation of SESTEK Speech Enabled IVR technology at TEB BNP Paribas Joint’s contact center, push-button menu selection was replaced with direct free-style speech input, such as “I want to pay my bills” or “I’d like to transfer money.”

After SESTEK Speech Enabled IVR

Unlike the complicated menus of traditional touchtone systems, which cause misrouted calls, wasted time and frustrated customers, SESTEK Speech Enabled IVR handles calls accurately and cost-effectively. With the help of SESTEK Speech Enabled IVR technology, customers who call TEB BNP Paribas Joint’s contact center are welcomed by the voice response system and routed to the menu related to their desired transaction. The system understands phrases like “I would like to pay the total amount of my credit card debt” or “Has my salary been paid?” and makes the necessary transfers.  After the implementation of SESTEK Speech Enabled IVR at TEB BNP Paribas Joint’s contact center, customer satisfaction increased while hang-up rates decreased due to a fast, personalized and convenient IVR experience. Some of the services have been fully automated which, in turn, has increased self-service rates. With SESTEK Speech Enabled IVR, TEB BNP Paribas Joint saves $250K annually by 5% increase in IVR completion rate. As a result of the project’s success, SESTEK won the Jury’s Special Award at TEB BNP Paribas Joint’s Retailers’ Day Event.