SESTEK Customer Feedback provides the most straightforward way to learn about your customers’ experience: by letting you get direct feedback from your customers after various interactions through multiple channels, such as IVR, email or SMS.

SESTEK Customer Feedback is differentiated from current feedback solutions by the state-of-the art technologies it includes. This solution reaches customers via automated outbound calls and provides interactive, cost-efficient and practical communication. Customer Feedback automatically calls a list of telephone numbers, conveys pre-recorded voice messages and starts a dialog with the responder.

The feedback can be right after the interaction or any other time through any of the IVR, email or SMS channels. The feedback dialogue is customized according to the needs of the contact center, and IVR outbound calls can be interactive thanks to speech recognition capabilities. The result is invaluable analytical data directly extracted from the voice of the customer.

Why SESTEK Customer Feedback?

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Invaluable insights for operational improvement
  • A direct control point for indirect quality evaluations
  • A holistic perspective on quality management
  • Learn what customers think about your organization, campaigns and product
  • Increased responsivity to customer needs


  • User-friendly interface for configuring feedback messages
  • Feedback dialog that is customized according to the needs of the contact center
  • Interactive IVR outbound calls thanks to speech recognition capabilities
  • Elaborate features for customer feedback and time planning
  • Multichannel feedback from IVR, email and SMS
  • Advanced speech recognition features for interactive IVR dialog
  • Turkish, English (US & UK), Arabic, German and Azerbaijani Text-to-Speech options (other languages are also available upon request)
  • Cloud-based structure
  • Backup tools to provide disaster recovery and service continuity
  • Ability to save user feedback in .wav document form