Automatizes outbound calls and provides interactive communication.

SESTEK DialerVox constitutes an effective automated dialer solution by doing the following:

  • Reading dynamic data, such as name, address and numbers with the help of SESTEK Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology
  • Enabling users to interact with speech commands instead of dialing with the help of SESTEK Speech Recognition technology
  • Automatizing outbound calls and providing interactive communication
  • Saving agent costs and providing remarkable ROI
  • Providing control over the messages sent
  • Enabling multiple campaign management
  • Providing feedback to companies with the help of its customizable reporting feature
  • Providing information about the current situation of the calls with the help of a colored interface


SESTEK DialerVox differentiates itself from other outbound dialing solutions with the following features:

  • Cloud-based structure
  • Speech recognition and Text-to-Speech support
  • Voice recording
  • Manual dialing
  • SMS and email options
  • Integration with third-party software

Area of Use

SESTEK DialerVox is used in a wide range of applications:

  • Notification messages
  • Campaign management
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Collections
  • Reminder calls
  • Telemarketing
  • Surveys


Before SESTEK DialerVox

Teknosa is a leading technology retailing company that provides consumers with the latest technology at the best prices and highest-quality service via its 300 stores in 77 cities in Turkey. As a result of its availability, quality of service, reliability, speed and product diversification, it enjoys a reputation as the most widespread technology retailer in Turkey. Teknosa also stands out as the first Turkish technology retailer to implement the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO27001:2005 Information Security Management System, and ISO 10002:2004 Customer Complaints Management System. Teknosa answers questions, comments and expectations of its customers via its call center. Since the call center is one of the company’s most important contact points, Teknosa decided to perform a customer satisfaction survey, getting in touch with customers who had previously called the contact center. Considering the call volume that the contact center received each day, it was clear that a very high number of customers would need to be called. Thus, calling customers via agents would be not only costly but also inadequate for reaching the necessary number of customers.

Why SESTEK DialerVox?

Teknosa decided to use speech-integrated SESTEK DialerVox to conduct a customer satisfaction survey. As SESTEK’s automated outbound dialer solution, DialerVox provides an alternative to conventional systems, such as SMS, email and live agents, and reaches clients in an interactive, cost-efficient and practical way. SESTEK DialerVox automatically calls a list of telephone numbers, conveys pre-recorded voice messages and starts a dialog with the responder. Based on a unique combination of Text-to-Speech and speech-recognition technologies, SESTEK DialerVox conveys messages and receives and reports the answers in an interactive way. This solution, which saves agent costs, also guarantees remarkable ROI.

After SESTEK DialerVox

With the help of SESTEK DialerVox, Teknosa is able to reach its customers and apply its customer satisfaction survey. SESTEK DialerVox directs questions and recognizes the answers via SESTEK’s speech recognition technology. SESTEK’s Text-to-Speech technology is also used to repeat and confirm customers’ answers. SESTEK DialerVox can reach 30,000 customers a month and 1,000 customers a day—a total that would be too costly and hard to reach via live agents. While live agents may be interrupted by additional customer questions and comments, which result in longer call durations and increased costs, SESTEK DialerVox gets specific answers without any interruption. SESTEK DialerVox can reach approximately 70% of Teknosa’s customers, and 30–35% of those who were reached answer the survey questions. While average outbound calls reach approximately 10% of customers, SESTEK DialerVox provides a more effective solution by reaching a larger number. The details of the project, such as receiving data and creating and sending reports, are provided by SESTEK. SESTEK also provides comprehensive reports that include details about the number of calls, the number of customers who agreed or refused to answer survey questions, the number of repeating calls and more. Teknosa can also monitor ongoing calls, view statistics and create detailed reports by using SESTEK DialerVox’s Corporate Reporting Interface.