Natural Dialog

Traditional self-service systems have a complex menu maze which makes it difficult for users to navigate. When users get frustrated with unfamiliar options, they may try to reach an agent by skipping the IVR menu. This common behavior results in a bad customer experience and is a major cause of misrouted calls. SESTEK Natural Dialog IVR provides a practical and cost-effective method for call routing, which not only improves the customer experience but also contributes to efficiency by significantly reducing costs.

Unlike touch-tone self-service systems, which often have complex menu mazes, SESTEK Natural Dialog IVR provides a simple and practical routing solution. SESTEK Natural Dialog IVR provides accurate and efficient routing that enables users to describe their needs in their own words and be routed to the right self-service application easily and quickly. SESTEK Natural Dialog IVR recognizes the intent of the caller and asks for more information if it is needed. Thus SESTEK Natural Dialog IVR gets callers to the right place in fewer steps. By shortening call times, reducing the number of misrouted calls, and eliminating the need for agents, SESTEK Natural Dialog IVR reduces call center costs and increases efficiency. SESTEK Natural Dialog IVR also enables quick menu navigation in call centers by using natural language speech recognition.

Why SESTEK Natural Dialog IVR?

SESTEK Natural Dialog IVR:

• Understands the intent of the callers and asks more questions when further information is needed
• Enables customers to use their own words as if they were speaking to a live agent
• Routes customers to the right self-service application or agent group accurately and in fewer steps
• Provides an accurate, cost-effective routing solution
• Integrates with SOAP-based (Simple Object Access Protocol) web service
• Can be empowered by SESTEK Seamless Agent Feature for a seamless and flawless experience

SESTEK Seamless Agent Feature is a patented technology in which speech recognition is supported by live agents. Live agents are equipped with special tools that continuously support and train the artificial intelligence system. When a recognition error occurs, agents cut in to correct the error in the background before it reaches the customer. This provides a seamless and flawless experience right from the beginning. In a short period of time, the need for live agents is minimized due to the learning of the system.

Key Benefits

  • Increased automation
  • Decreased costs
  • Enhanced customer experience