Natural Dialog

As a result of rapid evolvement in internet and mobile technologies customers have more options such as voice, mobile, IVR, call center, chat, email and social media in terms of engagement channels while reaching out various services. The diversity of the interaction channels required organizations to adopt an omnichannel strategy. Omnichannel defines a customer experience approach that requires creating a smooth and consistent dialog across each stage of the customer journey through multiple channels.

SESTEK Natural Dialog is the main technology behind speech-enabled omnichannel self-service solutions. Natural Dialog allows organizations to deliver intelligent solutions that interact with users. From IVR systems, to intelligent assistants; SESTEK Natural Dialog has an extensive usage.

Unlike traditional speech applications that use keyword detection; SESTEK Natural Dialog understands the entire speech in a way that lets users speak with their own words. The technology contributes to enhanced customer experience by enabling customers to easily engage with self-service systems.

SESTEK Natural Dialog contributes to business performance by raising automation rates and minimizing labor costs. By providing qualified self-service solutions, the technology also contributes to business efficiency.

Why SESTEK Natural Dialog?

  • Enhances the caller’s self-service experience
  • Raises automation rates
  • Increases efficiency
  • Improves on-time customer support
  • Strengthens company image

SESTEK Natural Dialog solutions include: