SESTEK Natural Dialog is the main technology behind speech-enabled self-service solutions. Natural Dialog allows organizations to deliver intelligent solutions that interact with users. From IVR systems, to intelligent assistants; SESTEK Natural Dialog has an extensive usage.

Unlike traditional speech applications that use keyword detection; SESTEK Natural Dialog understands the entire speech in a way that lets users speak with their own words. The technology contributes to enhanced customer experience by enabling customers to easily engage with self-service systems.

SESTEK Natural Dialog contributes to business performance by raising automation rates and minimizing labor costs. By providing qualified self-service solutions, the technology also contributes to business efficiency.

Why SESTEK Natural Dialog?

  • Enhances the caller’s self-service experience
  • Raises automation rates
  • Increases efficiency
  • Improves on-time customer support
  • Strengthens company image

SESTEK Call Steering

Unlike touch-tone self-service systems, which often have complex menu mazes, SESTEK Call Steering provides a simple and practical routing solution. SESTEK Call Steering recognizes the intent of the caller and asks for more information if it is needed. Thus SESTEK Call Steering gets callers to the right place in fewer steps. By shortening call times, reducing the number of misrouted calls, and eliminating the need for agents, SESTEK Call Steering reduces call center costs and increases efficiency. SESTEK Call Steering also enables quick menu navigation in call centers by using natural dialog technology. For more information, please visit SESTEK Call Steering page.

SESTEK Virtual Assistant

SESTEK Virtual Assistant enables organizations to understand and answer the needs of their customers through an intelligent conversation interface which guarantees accurate navigation across multiple channels including IVR, web and mobile. With the help of natural dialog technology SESTEK Virtual Assistant can perform various helpful tasks in a way that is meeting specific requirements of organizations and fitting in with their industry surroundings.

SESTEK Virtual Assistant for the Web

SESTEK Virtual Assistant SESTEK Virtual Assistant acts as an automated chat bot which conducts a natural conversation with customers on the web. The technology, lets customers enter natural questions and statements as they are speaking to a live agent and responds in a similar natural dialog style.


Natural Dialog