SESTEK Natural Dialog is the main technology behind speech-enabled self-service solutions. Natural Dialog allows organizations to deliver intelligent solutions that interact with users. From IVR systems, to intelligent assistants; SESTEK Natural Dialog has an extensive usage.

Unlike traditional speech applications that use keyword detection; SESTEK Natural Dialog understands the entire speech in a way that lets users speak with their own words. The technology contributes to enhanced customer experience by enabling customers to easily engage with self-service systems.

SESTEK Natural Dialog contributes to business performance by raising automation rates and minimizing labor costs. By providing qualified self-service solutions, the technology also contributes to business efficiency.

Why SESTEK Natural Dialog?

  • Enhances the caller’s self-service experience
  • Raises automation rates
  • Increases efficiency
  • Improves on-time customer support
  • Strengthens company image

SESTEK Omnichannel Self-Service Solutions include: