Hear the voice of the online customer

In today’s world, not all interactions are done by phone, and interaction channels, such as social media, chat and the internet, are taking the place of telephone communications at an increasing pace. SocializerVox, SESTEK’s social media analytics solution, actively keeps track of internet communications and helps to construct a unified view of multichannel customer interactions.

Why SESTEK SocializerVox?

  • Hear the voices of online customers
  • Capture invaluable customer intelligence
  • Gain insights into market conditions and products’ reputation
  • Use analytics for a competitive edge
  • Apply an online public relations strategy


  • Real-time tracking and analysis of social media
  • Management of company and competitor analysis through a user-friendly interface
  • Sentiment analysis and classification of the content
  • Statistics based on classified items
  • Automatic reply to social media postings
  • Rich and comprehensive reporting interface
  • Tag cloud view
  • Elaborate filtering options
  • Drill-down feature