SESTEK Speech Enabled Auto Attendant transfers callers automatically to an extension without the need of a human operator. Transfers can be done through a touch-tone menu, with which callers press keys for routing, or through speech recognition technology, which lets callers be transferred by speaking the name of the person they are calling.

Why SESTEK Speech Enabled Auto Attendant?

SESTEK Speech Enabled Auto Attendant:

  • Constitutes a cost-effective solution
  • Provides efficient call management
  • Prevents missed calls
  • Contributes to a professional business image

Key Benefits

SESTEK Speech Enabled Auto Attendant:

  • Decreases total operator workload by 70%
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and experience
  • Provides 24/7 service availability
  • Prevents customer loss by preventing missed calls
  • Eliminates the need for multiple operators

Basic Features

SESTEK Speech Enabled Auto Attendant:

  • Enables users to send voicemail
  • Provides detailed reports about telephone traffic
  • Includes active directory integration
  • Enables users to interact with speech commands with the help of Speech Recognition technology
  • Reads dynamic data, such as names and titles, with the help of Text-to-Speech technology
  • Integrates with Microsoft Exchange
  • Supports web-based management