Password reset is one of the routine IT tasks.  Organizations receive too many password reset calls which consume time and energy of the help-desk staff. That is why they search for a password reset solution that  decreases  call volume and raises cost savings.

SESTEK Speech Enabled Password Reset allows employees to reset their passwords using their voiceprint via any telephone. This self-service procedure is not only more practical and efficient but also more secure, since the verification is based on the person’s biometrics rather than some information. SESTEK Speech Enabled Password Reset  provides an effective solution for automated and secure resetting of employee passwords by using voice biometrics technology.


  • Provides a practical employee password reset system
  • Employees use their voice to reset their network passwords via any telephone quickly and easily.
  •  Minimizes the work load of  IT staff by providing a self-service password reset system.
  • Removes the possibility of a human help desk agent gaining access to secure information or doing an unauthorized password reset.
  • Provides a round-the-clock service liberated from the IT team availability.
  • Facilitates more secure policies and higher security due to automation and biometric verification.
  • Ensures complete and accurate audit password reset transactions.
  • Reduces costs via self-service.
  • Provides better employee experience and legislation compliance

SESTEK is featured in DMG Consulting’s 2016 Voice Biometrics Product and Market Report. The report analyzes market trends and challenges. It reviews product innovation and competitive landscape. It also presents market activity data with five-year projections.

The report reviewed SESTEK Voice Biometrics technologies in terms of omni-channel capabilities, enrollment authentication methods, fraud/risk management approach, and value-added capabilities. SESTEK develops voice biometrics technologies with the aim of increasing efficiency by reducing costs and making life more convenient by providing practical solutions. To learn more about “The 2016 Voice Biometrics Product and Market Report,” please click here.