With its natural and fluent text to speech voices
SESTEK TTS pulls customer attention

SESTEK  Text-To-Speech (TTS) is a voice synthesizer that vocalizes text in real time in a clear and human-like way. It is the technology behind high-quality self-service applications.

Built on a legacy of research and expertise, SESTEK Text-To-Speech software (TTS) enables companies to tell their customers anything they need to hear by converting text to voice.

Companies that deploy SESTEK Text-To-Speech can increase automation, improve their customers’ experience and increase efficiency by reducing implementation and operational costs.

As a state-of-the-art speech synthesizer, SESTEK Text-to-Speech (TTS) gets the most out of text and speech and provides an efficient tool for companies by converting text to audio. You can check out the  Text-to-Speech voices of SESTEK online at our free demo page.

Why SESTEK Text-to-Speech?

Higher Efficiency

SESTEK  Text-to-Speech (TTS):

  • Ensures cost effectiveness with avoidance of unnecessary transfers in call centers and customer service desks
  • Minimizes the workload of call center agents with its ability to vocalize dynamic content
  • Increases automation in a way that lets companies deliver high-quality self-service
  • Provides a rapid and practical alternative to expensive and time-consuming studio recordings

Enhanced Customer Experience

SESTEK Text-to-Speech:

  • Holds customers’ attention with its natural and fluent TTS voices
  • Provides improved customer experience with personalized calls
  • Guarantees consistent brand image by enabling the use of a single TTS voice across multiple contact points

Practical Solution

SESTEK Text-to-Speech:

  • Constitutes a solution to ease individuals’ daily lives (for use in navigators, virtual assistants, etc.)
  • Can be used in language teaching mobile applications to improve pronunciation capabilities of learners
  • Supports applications that are produced to help the disabled (e.g., talking ATMs, screen readers)

Flexible Structure

SESTEK Text-to-Speech (TTS):

  • Is a multiplatform and multilingual speech synthesizer that supports multiple languages with various speaker voices
  • Runs on all major platforms with VoiceXML, Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) and SAPI5 support as a result of its highly tunable and customizable structure

Supported Languages

  • Turkish
  • English
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Azerbaijani

Area of Use

SESTEK Text-to-Speech (TTS) can be used in: automated call centers, IVR systems, email and SMS readers, in-vehicle navigation, online virtual assistants, applications to assist the disabled, talking kiosks and ATMs, tele-banking, voice-operated domestic appliances, on-board and station announcements, e-learning applications, vocalizing web pages, avatar implementations, computer games, mobile phones and embedded systems and document vocalization (e.g., of books, Word files, essays).

How to Choose the Best TTS Solution?

The quality of a text-to-speech solution is measured by naturalness and intelligibility. The more natural and intelligible the solution, the more able it is to provide an enhanced customer experience. In other words, TTS solutions, which are natural and understandable, can provide a better customer experience than robotic-sounding voices, which cause frustration and dissatisfaction. SESTEK Text-to-Speech differentiates itself through the following features:

  • Correct read-out with the help of high linguistic accuracy
  • Ability to read long texts with a fluent and natural voice
  • Multi-lingual support with different languages and TTS voices
  • Highly tunable and customizable structure
  • Ability to run on all major platforms with VoiceXML, MRCP and SAPI5 support


Try our TTS voices, which support multiple languages, from our free SESTEK Text-to-Speech demo page at TTS Demo.

For more information about SESTEK Text-to-Speech, send an email to sales@sestek.com