As the privacy and security of customers become ever more important, corporations are applying more advanced security measures. Conventional security measures, such as PINs, passwords and challenge questions, are no longer enough to hinder the growing incidence of fraud and identity theft; however, voice biometrics has emerged as an effective solution.

An individual’s voice is unique to him or her, just like a fingerprint or iris. Unlike PINs, passwords and challenge questions, voice biometrics cannot be compromised without the knowledge of the legitimate user. Voice biometrics provides a viable authentication method that conveniently answers the security needs of organizations. By authenticating users through their voice instead of through PINs, passwords and questions, voice biometrics provides a brand new kind of user experience. By analyzing a user’s voice for its hundreds of unique characteristics, voice biometrics enhances security.

SESTEK Voice Biometrics answers the security needs of institutions by providing high levels of security measures and reducing costs. By providing a secure, efficient and convenient method to verify a speaker’s identity, SESTEK Voice Biometrics improves customers’ experience. In contrast to conventional knowledge-based security, SESTEK Voice Biometrics uses an authorized individual’s voice for biometric identity verification and, thus, provides a scalable and highly secure solution. Since users do not have to install any devices or software to participate in the authentication process, SESTEK Voice Biometrics is easy to use.

Why SESTEK Voice Biometrics?

  • Voice biometrics provides a natural, effortless and safer method of authentication.
  • Voice biometrics overcomes security problems effectively.
  • Voice biometrics cannot be impersonated.
  • Voice biometrics constitutes an important part of the multifactor authentication process.
  • Voice biometrics authentication provides greater security.

With SESTEK Voice Biometrics solutions, organizations obtain not only customer satisfaction and enhanced security but also optimize their processes through the replacement of time-consuming routines, such as conventional password reset. Here is a list of Voice Biometrics solutions that will make life easier for you and your customers.

SESTEK Voice Biometrics Solutions

SESTEK is featured in DMG Consulting’s 2016 Voice Biometrics Product and Market Report. The report analyzes market trends and challenges. It reviews product innovation and competitive landscape. It also presents market activity data with five-year projections.

The report reviewed SESTEK Voice Biometrics technologies in terms of omni-channel capabilities, enrollment authentication methods, fraud/risk management approach, and value-added capabilities. SESTEK develops voice biometrics technologies with the aim of increasing efficiency by reducing costs and making life more convenient by providing practical solutions. To learn more about “The 2016 Voice Biometrics Product and Market Report,” please click here.