Six Concepts You Need to Know to Better Understand Quality Management

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six concepts you need to know to better understand quality management

The pandemic transformed customer service, placing more emphasis on the role of call centers than ever before. Answering increasing customer demands on time was not the only challenge that call center representatives faced. They had to achieve this at their homes without receiving enough supervisor support.

These changing conditions increased the importance of quality management. To ensure high-quality services, call center managers need to focus on agent performance and operational efficiency.  Interaction analytics and quality management tools help call centers to evaluate 100% of recorded calls, evaluate agent performance objectively, and detect areas needing improvement. Contact center managers need to pay special attention to the following six concepts as they move towards improving quality assessment processes:

Script Adherence

Script adherence measures if an agent follows a prescribed scenario while interacting with the customer during the call to ensure that quality standards are met. While doing this, you should ensure the scripts are used appropriately, the speech is not overwhelmed by monotonous expressions, and the customer is not subjected to a boring dialogue. After all, you must know from your individual experiences; customers seek an empathic approach in their conversations.

Average Speed of Answering

The average amount of time for a call center to answer the phone call from customers during a specific time period. In other words, it is how long calls wait in the queue on average before they are handled.

First Call Resolution

A contact center’s ability to resolve customer problems, questions, or needs the first time they call, with no follow-up required. One of the most talked-about topics by modern call centers is First Call / Contact Resolution. In general terms, first contact resolution is the ratio of calls that do not require more than one call regarding the reason of the customer’s call; in other words, the calls resolved/concluded in the first time to the total calls.

Average Handling Time

The average time it takes to handle a call or transaction from start to finish, including call initiation, hold time, talk time, and related tasks about the transaction. Average handling time is one of the most important Call Center metrics that measure the duration of conversation between agent and customer. Measures Call Center effectiveness to increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Score

As a parameter based on customer feedback, customer satisfaction scores measure how satisfied customers are with the call center’s services. Generally, with a scale of 1-5. The customer satisfaction score is the first score measured in customer experience and is considered a traditional experience measurement metric. It should be widely used, especially in measuring the experience of channels that touch customers directly.

Net Promoter Score

A parameter based on customers’ likelihood to recommend the service/product to their friends and family. This is on a scale of 0-100. Net Promoter Score creates a direct relationship bridge between brand and customer. The customer feels more valuable as they can evaluate the brand/product or service. The customer gets closer to the brand. The brand that takes action by listening to its customers opens the way to growth.

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Author: Çağrı Doğan, Accessible Products Consultant, Sestek

How to Better Serve Customers From Home

How to Better Serve Customers from Home

Quality management solutions for the new era of working from home
With COVID-19 working from home turned into the usual way of work. With a higher risk of exposure due to tight spaces, shared equipment, and high volumes of people, contact centers went through this change swiftly. But, although the working conditions changed, contact centers see an increasing call volume during the pandemic, which means contact centers need to find ways to provide their customers with the same quality service as before. At this e-book, we will be covering Conversational Analytics solutions, and quality management tools help call centers to monitor agent performances remotely and take necessary actions in time to ensure smooth customer experiences.

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