Sestek: An Ambitious Newcomer at Global Voice Biometrics Market


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Istanbul, March 6 2013, SESTEK, the leader speech technology company of Turkey plans to enter global voice biometrics market with its Voice Verification solution which has reached 1.3 million registered voice prints at the first project it was deployed. SESTEK which has been bringing together its speech solutions with a broad diversity of customers from finance, insurance and telecommunications sectors in Turkey since 2000 focuses on voice biometrics market with its Voice Verification solution.

SESTEK Voice Verification stands out not only with its advanced background noise level detection and speech recognition technologies but also with its implementation method which includes embedding two separate voice prints for cellular and landline channels. The company which achieved successful implementations locally aims to expand its technology abroad.

In 2011, SESTEK Voice Verification was deployed at call center of Avea, one of the leading GSM operators in Turkey. Before the implementation, Avea used to verify identities of customers via a manual agent-assisted procedure which was causing time loss and increased telecom costs. In the first year of the implementation, registered vocal password number reached 1 million. Call duration is shortened by 15 seconds which resulted with minimum $ 250.000 annual saving. Today voice print number has reached 1.3 million and 1 out of every 5 calls includes vocal password procedure.

In 2012, SESTEK Voice Verification was deployed at call center of DenizBank. With this deployment first Voice Verification implementation of Turkish banking industry was realized. After the deployment customers began to reach DenizBank call center easily just by using their vocal passwords instead of dealing with time-consuming identification methods.

While the number of voiceprints is increasing each day for both implementations, SESTEK is on the brink of new projects with leading corporations. One of the forthcoming projects is in the implementation phase for call center of Turkish Telecom which is the largest telecommunications corporation in Turkey.

With the aim to expand globally, SESTEK is actively seeking global partners in terms of Voice Verification deployments. As a result of this strategy, the company will participate at Voice Biometrics Conference as a Gold Sponsor which will take place in San Francisco on May 8-9. For more information about SESTEK and its technology solutions please visit