Use the power of Voice Biometrics against fraud

Blacklist Identification

Detect fraudsters through biometric verification

Blacklist Identification

Sestek Blacklist Identification is a voice biometric tool used by contact center fraud teams for fraud prevention and detection. Just like how fingerprints are used for identity verification, voice can also be used to protect against and solve crime.

After the system records a user voiceprint, the technology automatically crosschecks every call with the blacklist database to identify fraudsters.

It marks those calls that are scored higher than the threshold score and identifies listed fraudsters by their voices, comparing the captured voice with voiceprints stored in the blacklist voiceprint database. Thus, it detects fraudsters through biometric verification and triggers alarms to fraud teams.

Effectively fight contact center fraud

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Benefits – How Voice Biometrics Keep Your Business Safe

Using a voice biometric tool is an easy way to enjoy accurate identity verification and improved security—without the need of human beings. Your organization can remain safe with reliable authentication results while relieving your team’s workload at the same time.

We offer comprehensive investigation and crime prevention opportunities to ensure your organization, customers and data remains safe. Blacklist Identification seamlessly identifies users with high fraud potential, then partitions them into a separate queue to keep you on alert. The technology not only increases efficiency by reducing fraud losses, but also improves customer satisfaction by preventing fraud before they are affected.

Benefits – Know Exactly Who You’re Talking To

Sestek Blacklist Identification uses a range of features to perform voice identification as accurately as possible. Features like optional gender detection, user voice adaptation and language/accent independency provide the utmost sophistication in identity verification via voice with low false alarm and miss rates.

With an archive module, SNMP support and compatibility with all common operating systems, you can ensure our constituted blacklist implementation integrates well within your existing systems to ensure a safe operation.

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