Increased Self-Service at Albaraka Turk Call Center

Speech Recognition Case Study

Albaraka Turk - Sestek Speech Recognition

The Number of calls answered by agents reduced by 50%

All Thanks to Sestek Speech Recognition

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“We have been working with Sestek for a long time. Since we were happy with the results of previous projects, we gave priority to them in our Speech Recognition project. Sestek’s expertise in Turkish language made the company our first choice. Besides, Sestek’s high-quality technologies, Experienced team and on-time support also affected our decision.”

Yasemin AydınAlbaraka Turk, Manager
The Need

As early adopters of retail banking technology, Albaraka Türk provides its clientele with “Alo Albaraka,” a telephone banking service designed to offer a variety of transaction options. Alo Albaraka allows their customers more banking freedom and mobility. Before adopting Sestek Speech Recognition, customer assistance had been provided by live agents who populated the call center to answer customer demands. This phone banking service was popular, and Albaraka Türk ran into problems with agent overload. Agents, being overwhelmed by call volume, meant longer wait times for customers. Their customers were not fully satisfied with the service. As a customer-centric banking institution, Albaraka Türk was seeking a solution to improve the efficiency of their service model, and therefore, enhance their customers’ experience.

The Implementation

Albaraka Türk evaluated solution providers. Amongst their evaluation criteria were transaction security, speed, and flexibility. Since Albaraka Türk already had a long-standing beneficial working relationship with Sestek, the company was a top contender from the start. On the footings of a successful relationship, Sestek Speech Recognition software was integrated into Albaraka Türk’s call center to tremendous results.

The Results

With the implementation of Sestek Speech Recognition technology, customer satisfaction increased. Customers were happy to have saved time conducting their transactions and glad to have spent less time on the phone. The time savings came from the customer’s ability to self-serve with little effort. Without having to deal with confusing menu options, customers could state their needs in plain language, cutting down on customer wait times and improving the customer experience.

Albaraka Türk was satisfied with the implementation as well. Not only did they improve their customer service experience, which was a top priority, but they also made improvements to their service model while decreasing their operational costs. By adopting Sestek Speech Recognition, Albaraka Türk reduced the number of calls answered by live agents by 50% in the interactive voice response (IVR) menus that included Sestek Speech Recognition. Albaraka Türk has experienced the direct benefits of utilizing Sestek Speech Recognition software, and so have their customers.

Sestek Speech Recognition

  • Enables machines and applications to understand user commands in spoken language.
  • Allows users to interact with devices by speaking aloud rather than inputting buttons and keystrokes.
  • Contributes to self-service automation.
  • Increases customer satisfaction by enhancing customer experience.
  • Supports all major operating systems and speech standards.

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  • Albaraka Türk Participation Bank was founded in 1984 by pioneering interest-free banking in Turkey and began actively serving in 1985.
  • Having founded under the guidance of the strong capital groups in the Middle East, Albaraka Banking Group (AGB), Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and another industry group serving the Turkish economy for more than a half century, it continues operating in Turkey in compliance with the 5411 Banking Law.
  • As of 01.11.2018, Albaraka Türk renders its services through its 228 branches including 1 branch in Iraq with 4004 employees.