Asista: Turkey’s first
Smart Assistant

Virtual Assistant Case Study

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“Arçelik was able to successfully build Asista,
Turkey’s first conversational smart assistant”

All Thanks to Sestek Virtual Assistant

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“At Arçelik, we have a vision to provide our customers with value-added services. Asista, our smart home assistant, is an extension of this vision. With Asista, we brought natural voice experiences that offer our customers an intuitive way to interact with technology, they use every day. From day one, Sestek shared our ambition and excitement in the development of Asista, the first Turkish speaking smart assistant in the world. During this journey, Sestek proved that they are not only a technology solution provider but more importantly, a reliable partner. Our teams worked closely and harmoniously from day one. We are extremely happy and satisfied working with Sestek and look forward to deliver together with them innovative products that enhance people's lives through smart technologies.”

Erkan DuysalArçelik Chief Innovation Officer
The Need

As Turkey’s leading electronic appliances company, Arçelik sought to develop a smart assistant that customers could interact with through natural dialog. Building such a tool required natural language processing, speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies. To provide a smooth user experience, the assistant would have to use these technologies to process and deliver responses at a high speed. This presented a challenge: the technology required a complex grammar structure for the Turkish language and high expertise in NLP technology.

The Implementation

In need of a leading technology provider with proven results in the industry, Arçelik selected Sestek Virtual Assistant technology for supporting the smart assistant. Arçelik was impressed with Sestek’s 18 years of expertise in the speech industry, which included experience with several other languages such as English and Arabic. While the Turkish language was a primary challenge for Asista’s development, Arçelik required support for these other languages as well. This further made Sestek the obvious choice. A dedicated consultancy team from Sestek worked directly with Arçelik throughout the assistant’s development. With both teams working in tandem, they could quickly identify emerging needs and deliver quick solutions at every step of development. The teams met weekly to discuss progress, challenges and actions that needed to be taken. Communication between the teams was paramount. Before the assistant went live, both Sestek and Arçelik worked together throughout the debugging process. This included several tests in three different languages.

The Results

Thanks to Sestek’s help, Arçelik was able to successfully build Asista, Turkey’s first conversational smart assistant. The backbone of the technology is Sestek’s NLP-based Virtual Assistant software, which allows Asista to understand natural speech and quickly answer customers’ needs with high accuracy.

Users may interact with the assistant by simply stating a request, such as “read the latest news” or “give me today’s weather forecast.” Asista also enables users to control various appliances around the home via voice. With the combined effort of Sestek and Arçelik, Asista is the premier smart assistant for Turkish-speaking customers.

Sestek Virtual Assistant

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  • Arçelik is the leading electronic appliance company in Turkey, third-ranked in Europe and globally known for its Grundig and Beko brands.
  • Arçelik is owned by Koç Holding, a Fortune 500 company and Turkey’s largest industrial conglomerate, which has leading positions with strong competitive advantages in various sectors including energy, automotive, consumer durables and finance.