How Cigna Finans Call Center Increased Sales Using Sestek’s Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics Case Study

Cigna Finans - Sestek Speech Analytics

Using Sestek’s Speech Analytics, Cigna Finans increased insurance sales by 48%!

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"We need to continuously monitor and improve the performance of our agents to increase the efficiency of our telemarketing department. To do this, we needed an objective performance analysis tool. Sestek’s Speech Analytics product responded to this need by analyzing all agent calls and identifying the areas of improvement for us. With the help of actionable insights, we achieved significant improvements in our agents’ performances."

Özkan OkumuşCOO, Cigna Finans
The Need

The management of Cigna Finans Call Center wanted to improve the performance of its agents, who telemarket life and personal accident insurance products, and therefore increase the company’s sales figures. This process required detailed analysis of sales representative performance.

The Implementation

Sestek Speech Analytics technology was implemented at Cigna Finans Call Center. The software transcribed and analyzed all recorded calls and pinpointed the specific areas that required improvements.

The Results

Increase in Product Sales

  • By the help of Sestek’s Speech Analytics, Cigna Finans was able to draw the blueprints of selling methods used by telemarketing representatives with high performance, including acoustic parameters and word choice.
  • These plans were then presented to the rest of the telemarketing representatives and the sales numbers for the following month increased by 48%.

Improvement in The Performance of Sales Representatives

  • To improve the quality and performance of the agents, Sestek’s Speech Analytics technology was used to analyze calls and to develop agent-based performance reports.
  • These reports provided actionable insights to management. And as a result of fact-based performance monitoring, Cigna Finance achieved 90% improvement in the performance of telemarketing representatives.

Increase in Call Quality

  • By using the Automated Quality Evaluation module of Sestek Speech Analytics, all the recorded calls were able to be analyzed and evaluated on a monthly basis.
  • By highlighting the problematic issues and providing feedback to the agents, 23% increase in script adherence was achieved.

About Cigna Finans
Cigna Finans Emeklilik ve Hayat is a pension and life insurance company which was formed in partnership of QNB Finansbank and Cigna.

About Sestek
Sestek is a global provider of AI-based speech technologies to enterprises in the financial services, telecommunications, retail, healthcare and utility industries. Sestek’s solutions help companies to make better decisions with insightful data while guiding them towards higher operational efficiency and profitability. Sestek’s expertise focuses on speech analytics, voice biometrics, text-to-speech, natural dialog, virtual assistant and chatbot technologies.