DenizBank Enables Money Transfer
by Voice Commands

TTS & Speech Recognition Case Study

Denizbank fastPay - Sestek Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech

“Denizbank’s speech-enabled mobile wallet application, received prestigious awards from various institutions”

All Thanks to Sestek TTS & Speech Recognition

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The Need

fastPay is a mobile banking application of DenizBank, one of the leading banks of Turkey. The application acts as a mobile wallet, enabling users to transfer money from one mobile phone to another on a 24/7 basis; users can take advantage of this service even if they are not DenizBank customers. DenizBank decided to develop a speech-enabled mobile wallet to help users  complete transactions by voice commands.

The Implementation

Sestek Speech Recognition (SR) and Sestek Text-to-Speech (TTS) were embedded in fastPay in order to provide a speech-enabled mobile wallet. Sestek Speech Recognition is ASR software that recognizes spoken words and phrases and converts them to a machine-readable format. Speech Recognition, which has a wide range of uses and is effectively deployed in contact centers, IVR systems, mobile and embedded devices, dictation solutions and assistive applications, enables users to interact with a computer by simply using their voices rather than dealing with buttons and keystrokes. Sestek Text-to-Speech is the voice synthesizer that vocalizes text in a clear and human-like way. Built on a legacy of research and expertise, Sestek Text-to-Speech software enables companies to tell their customers anything they need to hear by converting text to speech. In fastPay, Sestek Speech Recognition enables users to transfer money with voice commands. For example, a user can transfer money just by saying “Send 50 liras to my daughter.” Sestek Text-to-Speech confirms that the given command is recognized. Thus, users can know if their command was received accurately and continue with their transactions.

The Results

fastPay enabled DenizBank customers to transfer money from a mobile phone to another mobile phone on a 24/7 basis. Customers were quick to adopt the new technology, which enabled them to transfer money easily by using voice commands with the help of Sestek Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech technologies. fastPay, which is the first speech-enabled mobile wallet application, received prestigious awards from various institutions. One of them was at the 14th Banking Innovation Awards, where fastPay received the “Best Payment System Award.” fastPay was also recognized by the Innovation in Technology and Transaction Banking Awards 2013, given by The Banker. fastPay proves the effectiveness of Sestek’s Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition technologies in mobile applications.

Sestek Speech Recognition

  • Enables machines and applications to understand user commands in spoken language.
  • Allows users to interact with devices by speaking aloud rather than inputting buttons and keystrokes.
  • Contributes to self-service automation.
  • Increases customer satisfaction by enhancing customer experience.
  • Supports all major operating systems and speech standards.

Sestek Text-to-Speech (TTS)

  • Vocalizes written text into audible speech, rendered in a clear, humanlike voice.
  • Minimizes the role of call center agents by vocalizing dynamic content and automating the experience.
  • Supports multiple languages, making it ideal for businesses with a global audience.
  • DenizBank Financial Services Group consists of five domestic, three international financial subsidiaries, six domestic non-financial subsidiaries, and a branch in Bahrain.
  • In addition to the 713 domestic DenizBank branches, DenizBank AG have 43 branches in total.