How Garanti Pension Improved
Agent Performance and Call Center Efficiency

Speech Analytics Case Study

garanti pension Sestek Speech Analytics case study

“The number of calls that lacked necessary communication about hold procedures reduced by 88%”

All Thanks to Sestek Speech Analytics

speech analytics garanti pension case study

The Need

As a result of continuous growth at Garanti Pension’s contact center, the call volume was increasing every day. Since quality monitoring was done manually by listening to random calls and since it was impossible to review all the calls, only a small percentage of the recorded calls were being evaluated and much important data was lost.

The Implementation

In order to automate the analysis process, SESTEK Speech Analytics was implemented at Garanti Pension’s call center. SESTEK Speech Analytics transcribes all conversations between customers and customer representatives in call centers and extracts useful data using various analysis methods. With textual and emotional analysis, millions of customer interaction recordings can be evaluated that would be impossible to evaluate with conventional methods. Speech Analytics makes it possible to obtain important insights on call center and agent performance, marketing and sales trends, customer satisfaction and compliance management, competitive opportunities and threats.

The Results

The implementation of Sestek Speech Analytics allowed call center managers to evaluate all recorded transactions automatically with minimal effort. Using data mining methods, many details about transactions were uncovered that gave important insights into performance management, customer satisfaction and call center processes. Some of the concrete return on investment indicators are as follows:

Total Accuracy in Performance Evaluation Results

While evaluation of agent performance via manual methods may result in subjective ratings, Sestek Speech Analytics provides a very accurate means of objective evaluation. For example, an agent’s speech, which seemed flawless in terms of liveliness when evaluated manually, may rate as monotone when evaluated with the emotion detection module of Sestek Speech Analytics. When the evaluation of Speech Analytics was compared with the results of customer satisfaction surveys, a high level of correlation was observed. From that perspective, Speech Analytics resulted in more accurate performance ratings than ratings given by humans.

Improved Agent Performance

Before Sestek Speech Analytics, agents claimed that evaluation results were subjective, and they quite often objected to their performance scores. As a result, some agents refused to realize their mistakes or make sufficient effort to improve their performance. With the help of accurate and reliable analysis through Sestek Speech Analytics, agents began to take the evaluation results more seriously, which was an important step for performance improvement. Sestek Speech Analytics not only shows the results with detailed figures and graphics but also enables supervisors to listen to the most relevant conversations. With the help of this technology, speech samples of successful agents can be used as reference documents for agent training with concrete examples.

Improved Self-Discipline

Before Sestek Speech Analytics, it was impossible to evaluate all the recorded interactions manually. Thus, some agents were not careful enough about following scripts or using the right tone while speaking. After the implementation of Speech Analytics, agents realized that all contact center interactions were being recorded and analyzed. This awareness caused increased concentration and improved agent performance.

Increased Script Adherence

After the implementation, noticeable progress was observed in script adherence.

According to the script adherence rules of the call center, if an agent needs to put a caller on hold, they need to inform the caller first. Before the implementation of Sestek Speech Analytics, agents were not always providing the required notification to the customer. After the implementation of Sestek Speech Analytics, the number of calls that lacked necessary communication about hold procedures decreased by 88%.

Another script adherence rule required agents to ask customers if they are available to talk. This was a basic step of accurate script adherence. After the implementation of the software, the number of calls in which this rule was not obeyed decreased by 77%.

Sestek Speech Analytics

  • Transcribes all recorded calls to text, then applies statistical and emotional analyses.
  • Provides actionable insights through data mining.
  • Empowers businesses to leverage customer call data to better meet customer needs and optimize call center performance with key information.
  • Enables organizations to improve average handle times and first-call resolution rates, all while cutting operational costs.

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  • Garanti Pension is a subsidiary of one of Turkey’s largest private sector banks, Garanti Bank.
  • Garanti Pension And Life was found in 1992 to offer life insurance services, adding the private pension service in 2002.
  • After entering into partnership with Achmea in 2007, one of the strongest insurance companies in Europe, Garanti Pension began to offer a variety of insurance products that were already available in Europe.
  • Garanti Pension offers service to its customers at 112 regional offices and 1000 Garanti Bank branches.