How Hepsiburada Increased Their
Self-Service Rates

Conversational IVR Case Study

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Hepsiburada achieved higher accuracy in IVR navigation and significantly increased self-service rates

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“We wanted to offer our customers a structure that would enable them to complete their transactions on their own without waiting. We aimed to increase customer satisfaction by providing faster self-service. We had a limited time to implement the project and we were looking for a business partner that could meet our expectations. Our harmonious collaboration with Sestek during the whole project proves the rightness of our decision. Sestek's professional and solution-oriented approach to project management has contributed to the success of our project. We are very satisfied with the results we achieved in this project”

Göksu Tugay BilalHepsiburada Director of User Experience
The Need

Before the implementation of Sestek Conversational IVR, all incoming calls were handled by agents at Hepsiburada call center. The call center received approximately 8,000 calls each day. They employed 100 full-time call center agents with average call duration of 5 minutes. Handling calls manually was causing longer waiting times, increasing call duration. By automatizing the call handling processes, Hepsiburada was aiming to increase self-service rates.

The Implementation

With the implementation of Sestek Conversational IVR, single-step touch-tone IVR was replaced with a practical speech-enabled IVR system. Sestek Conversational IVR enabled users to self-serve while speaking in their own languange.

The Results

  • High recognition rates of the technology enabled a 95% accurate menu navigation. This remarkably enhanced the IVR experience.
  • Detailed reporting feature of Sestek Conversational IVR allowed Hepsiburada to easily find out the reasons of customer pain points and identify improvement areas. After the implementation, Hepsiburada observed 14% increase in self-service rates.

About Hepsiburada
The largest e-commerce platform in Turkey, Hepsiburada is the leader online shopping company of Turkey since 2001. The company offers more than 12.7 million products in 30 categories to its customers.

About Sestek
Sestek is a global technology company helping brands with conversational AI and analytics solutions to be more data-driven, work more efficiently and focus on making their customers’ lives better. Sestek’s state-of-the-art products include Speech Analytics, Voice Biometrics, Text-to-Speech, Conversational IVR, Virtual Assistant, and Chatbot.