How TEB Increased Their
IVR Completion Rates

Speech Enabled IVR Case Study

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“TEB achieved 5% increase in IVR completion rates,
resulting in annual savings of $250,000”

All Thanks to Sestek Speech Enabled IVR


“Customer satisfaction is a priority for TEB. This is why we attach great importance to innovative technologies that help us understand our customers’ needs in order to provide them with faster and more practical solutions. Sestek Speech Enabled IVR removes complicated DTMF menus from traditional IVR systems, routes callers to the right destination in less time, and allows them to complete their transactions with ease. Our customer’s quick adaptation to the technology serves a testimony to the benefits.”

Özge TekalpHead of TEB BNP Paribas Joint Contact Center
The Need

TEB BNP Paribas Joint Venture provides 24/7 telephone banking services to facilitate its customers’ banking transactions such as money transfers and investment transactions. However, the complex menu of the traditional DTMF IVR systems was a source of difficulty for both TEB Contact Center agents and customers in terms of time and effort. TEB therefore needed an effective and user-friendly solution to provide an enhanced telephone banking experience.

The Decision

Sestek Speech Enabled IVR provides a simple and practical routing solution. The technology guarantees accurate and efficient routing that enables users to describe their needs in their own words and then be routed to the right self-service application easily and quickly. With the implementation of Sestek Speech Enabled IVR technology at TEB BNP Paribas Joint Venture’s Contact Center, a push-button menu selection was replaced with direct free-style speech input, such as “I want to pay my bills” or “I’d like to transfer money.”

The Implementation

TEB had a preference for employing Sestek Speech Enabled IVR technology, which offers a rapid and practical solution to customer’s needs. The primary motive behind this decision was the flexible structure of the solution, which minimizes the adaptation period of Speech Enabled IVR technology and performs the required changes in the menu tree rapidly and accurately. With Sestek Speech Enabled IVR technology, projects can be concluded within a few weeks, while the application of other technologies can run into months.

The Results

With the help of Sestek Speech Enabled IVR technology, customers who call TEB’s Contact Center are welcomed by the voice response system and then routed to the menu that directly relates to their transaction.

Following the successful implementation of the project, customer satisfaction at TEB Telephone Branch increased, while hang-up rates decreased, thanks to a fast, personalized, and convenient IVR experience.

Some services have been fully automated, thus increasing self-service rates. With Sestek Speech Enabled IVR, TEB BNP Paribas Joint Venture achieved 5% increase in IVR completion rates, resulting in annual savings of $250,000. As a result of the project’s success, Sestek won the Jury’s Special Award at Technology Providers Event of TEB.

Sestek Speech Enabled IVR

  • Sestek Speech Enabled IVR is an IVR solution combining automated speech recognition (ASR) with natural language processing (NLP).
  • The technology replaces frustrating or confusing menus with simple verbal requests.
  • Users need only say that they need to be routed to a relevant self-service application.
  • The technology handles calls more effectively and saves businesses on operational costs, saves the customer time and increase satisfaction.

TEB BNP Paribas Logo

  • TEB started banking operations in 1927.
  • On 2005, TEB entered into a strategic partnership with BNP Paribas, a global bank and the world’s seventh-biggest asset manager.