How Teknosa Increased
Efficiency and FCR

TTS & Speech Recognition Case Study

Teknosa - Sestek Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech

“90% of Teknosa’s calls are currently handled by IVR”

All Thanks to Sestek TTS & Speech Recognition

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“Sestek is an innovative, solution-oriented company that follows the latest trends. These are the main reasons for selecting Sestek as our solution partner. During the project implementation, we saw that its technically competent team understands our needs and is capable of guiding us throughout the process. Thanks to Sestek solutions, we reply our customers’ requests in the fastest ways, without keeping them waiting on the other side of the line”

Gökhan PaçalıTeknosa Customer Services Manager
The Need

Teknosa needed a solution that not only worked but was easy to implement. After Teknosa selected the right tools for the job, Sestek collaborated with the company on every step of the process. This allowed for fast and easy implementation with the company’s existing systems. With Sestek Text-to-Speech and Sestek Speech Recognition, Teknosa developed self-service menus. These menus were handling questions about store locations, the Orange Card program, products in stock and status of products in repair. While Sestek Speech Recognition allowed customers to ask questions to the system just by speaking, Sestek Text-to-Speech read back the answers they need to hear. With these technologies, customers could quickly and seamlessly find the information they needed without waiting on hold, navigating confusing menus or having to repeat their problem. Speech-enabled self-service helped Teknosa solve the simplest and most common issues quickly on the first call. Thus, human agents could deliver better and faster service for more complicated issues.

The Implementation

As a retailing technology company, Teknosa sells products from various suppliers. When a problem arises, the customers reach out to Teknosa instead of contacting the related supplier. This meant Teknosa had to connect them to suppliers for resolving problems. This increased the length of problem resolution and reduced FCR rates. In addition to this issue, Teknosa found that a significant portion of its calls related to common problems could be answered with a quick, simple answer. These included questions related to store locations, products in stock, the Orange Card (Teknosa’s customer member program) and more. Teknosa knew that the easiest way to improve its customer service process would be to cut down on the number of calls requiring a human representative. This meant automating the most common problems that customers faced through an intuitive IVR solution.

The Results

After implementing Sestek’s Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition technologies in its IVR system, 90% of Teknosa’s calls are currently handled by IVR. This not only improved FCR rates but significantly reduced the number of calls that went to human agents. Overall, this improved call center efficiency and decreased overall operational costs.

Teknosa is extremely happy with the results of the project and plans to include vendor and service location demands for Iklimsa, a sister company, into the system. In addition, the company plans to implement Interactive Voice Notification to measure call center performance. This solution would allow the company to automatically call customers within 24 hours after contacting the call center. By conducting a survey, the solution will measure the rate of customer satisfaction. The solution will include Text-to-Speech technology to ask questions and Speech Recognition technology to get answers. With this information, Teknosa can further enhance the customer service experience and increase call center efficiency.

Sestek Speech Recognition

  • Enables machines and applications to understand user commands in spoken language.
  • Allows users to interact with devices by speaking aloud rather than inputting buttons and keystrokes.
  • Contributes to self-service automation.
  • Increases customer satisfaction by enhancing customer experience.
  • Supports all major operating systems and speech standards.

Sestek Text-to-Speech (TTS)

  • Vocalizes written text into audible speech, rendered in a clear, humanlike voice.
  • Minimizes the role of call center agents by vocalizing dynamic content and automating the experience.
  • Supports multiple languages, making it ideal for businesses with a global audience.

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