How Yapı Kredi Launched
Talking ATMs for the Disabled

Text-to-Speech Case Study

Yapı Kredi - Sestek Text-to-Speech

“Yapı Kredi established the first talking ATMs for their disabled customers”

All Thanks to Sestek Text-to-Speech


The Need

The latest legislation in banking requires banks to provide assistive technologies that will make banking more accessible to customers with disabilities. As a result, many banks undertook projects to provide life-easing solutions for the disabled. Unicredit Yapı Kredi implemented an innovative project called “Banking for the Disabled” that offers disabled customers easy access to banking services.

The Implementation

Unicredit Yapı Kredi was the first bank in Turkey to launch “ATMs for the Disabled,” which include Sestek Text-to-Speech technology. Sestek Text-to-Speech is a speech synthesis solution that vocalizes text in real time in a clear and human-like way. By vocalizing ATM menus, Sestek Text-to-Speech converted conventional ATMs into easy-to-use banking tools for blind and visually impaired users. With the help of this implementation, customers can access talking ATMs by wearing headphones. This service is not only available to Unicredit Yapı Kredi customers; customers of other banks in Turkey can also use Unicredit Yapı Kredi’s talking ATM service.

The Results

With the implementation of Sestek Text-to-Speech, the first “ATMs for the Disabled” were established. These talking ATMs, which used Sestek Text-to-Speech technology, allowed disabled users to make banking transactions easily. Since the project received a great deal of attention by visually disabled users, the number of talking ATMs increased quickly. Inspired by Unicredit Yapı Kredi’s pioneering talking ATM project, many banks adopted similar strategies of providing banking services for the disabled. Sestek Text-to-Speech was also implemented in Halkbank’s talking ATM project.

Sestek Text-to-Speech

  • Vocalizes written text into audible speech, rendered in a clear, humanlike voice.
  • Minimizes the role of call center agents by vocalizing dynamic content and automating the experience.
  • Supports multiple languages, making it ideal for businesses with a global audience.

Yapı Kredi Logo

  • Yapı Kredi was established as the first retail oriented private bank in
  • The bank is the fourth largest private bank in Turkey in terms of total assets.
  • Yapı Kredi provides services to its customer base of 13.3 million through a widespread service network.
  • The bank’s branch network consists of 866 branches covering all regions of Turkey.