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Core Technologies

Our Core Technologies power speech solutions and help organizations develop engaging and intuitive self-service solutions. These speech technologies lower costs, optimize efficiency and greatly enhance customer experience.

Sestek Core Technologies

Sestek Core Technologies include state-of-the-art speech technologies. Perfected through rigorous research and development testing, they power technology solutions to better allow businesses and customers to communicate with one another. These technologies reflect our experience in the industry, providing unparalleled service to leading global companies.


With Sestek Text-to-Speech, we give applications and devices a voice. By using TTS to give voice to your business, you can provide a vastly impressive and enjoyable customer experience. Our speech synthesis technology helps companies drive automation and increase efficiency by reducing operational costs—all while improving their customers’ experience.

Speech Recognition

With Sestek Speech Recognition, machines and applications can understand user commands in spoken language. With the ability to listen to and interpret spoken demands, users may interact with these devices by speaking aloud rather than inputting buttons and keystrokes. Many organizations use the technology to power simple and intuitive self-service solutions. With heightened self-service success powered by speech recognition, organizations can provide a superior customer experience while decreasing operational costs.

Natural Language Processing

Our Natural Language Processing solutions help businesses better connect with their customers, whether that be analyzing their communications to identify common concerns, or to provide first-rate self-service. NLP saves countless hours by increasing customer service automation and reducing operational costs, providing an intuitive customer service experience that’s just like communicating with a human.

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