Efficient call routing without the need for a live agent

Auto Attendant

Sestek Auto Attendant

auto attendant

Sestek Auto Attendant offers a conversational call routing solution. This speech-activated solution automatically transfers callers to the right destination without the need for a live agent.

Customers can interact with Sestek Auto Attendant by both speaking and dialing. Thanks to Speech Recognition technology, simply speaking the name of the person you’re calling is enough to be transferred to her extension.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Sestek Auto Attendant allows callers to easily reach the right destination without waiting  for a live agent. The solution offers 24/7 service availability. This means customers can contact your company any time they like. Sestek Auto Attendant enhances customer experience by ensuring a convenient self-service solution.

Higher Efficiency

Sestek Auto Attendant provides an efficient call routing solution without the need for a live agent. This decreases IT and telecommunication costs. Since auto attendant is accessible 24/7, organizations don’t risk losing customers due to missing calls.

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Auto Attendant
This speech-activated solution automatically transfers callers to the right destination without the need for a live agent.

Speech Recognition
With Sestek Speech Recognition, machines and applications can understand user commands in spoken language.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)
Sestek Text-to-Speech vocalizes texts in real time in a clear and human-like way.

Voice Biometrics
Everyone’s voice is unique, just like their fingerprints or iris. Unlike PINs, passwords and answers to challenge questions, voice biometrics can’t be compromised without the knowledge of the voice’s owner.

Natural Language Processing
Sestek Natural Language Processing enables human-machine interaction in natural dialog, allowing users to speak to systems in their own words rather than through a menu of fixed phrases.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.

IVR is the technology for providing fast and friendly self-service to your customers. This technology uses natural language processing to enable human-like interactions with IVR systems.

Call Recording
Sestek Call Recording captures all call center interactions and separate customer and agent audio through stereo recording.

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