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Sestek DialerVox

dialervoxToday companies use various communication methods to reach their customers. Automated Outbound Dialer solution Sestek DialerVox provides an alternative way that is more interactive, cost-efficient, and practical.

Sestek DialerVox automatically calls a list of phone numbers to convey pre-recorded voice messages to the customers. The solution not only sends messages but also gets and reports customers’ answers. By using speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies, DialerVox builds a smooth dialog between customers and IVR systems.


Higher Efficiency through Automation

With manual methods, outbound calls take too much time and effort.  Simultaneously calling hundreds of people requires full-time live agents which increases operational costs. By automating this process, Sestek DialerVox minimizes costs and contributes to efficiency.

Full Control Over Messages Sent

Sestek DialerVox offers an easy-to-use platform to create and send messages. This gives organizations full control over customer communication. The comprehensive reporting feature of the solution enables organizations to measure campaign effectiveness.

Easy-to-Use Campaign Management

Sestek DialerVox is a cloud-based outbound dialer solution. This saves users from implementation efforts. This technology enables multiple campaign management. So, organizations can send multiple campaigns simultaneously. DialerVox offers SMS and email options. Organizations can combine these communication tools to enhance the campaign impact.

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Automated Outbound Dialer solution Sestek DialerVox provides an alternative way that is more interactive, cost-efficient, and practical.

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