Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing allows users to interact with systems and devices in their own words without being limited by a fixed set of phrases.

Conversational Human-Machine Interaction

Natural language processing (NLP) is the core technology that powers our Conversational AI Solutions, including Conversational IVR, Chatbot and Virtual Assistant. What makes NLP unique is that it enables human-machine interaction in natural dialog, allowing users to speak to systems in their own words rather than through a menu of fixed phrases.

Natural language processing allows users to interact with systems and devices in their own words without being limited by a fixed set of phrases. In contrast to traditional speech recognition system that can recognize a limited set of phrases; natural language processing understands natural speech due to its ability to recognize a wider variety of responses. Natural language processing powers today’s popular technologies including IVR, chatbot and virtual assistant. When integrated in IVR systems, natural language processing transforms these systems into speech-enabled interaction channels.  Thus, callers can easily reach the right self-service by using their own words instead of dealing with touch-tone navigation. In solutions like virtual assistants and chatbots; natural language processing acts as a conversational tool by allowing a natural dialog between users and the devices.


The secret behind our conversational solutions: Fast, effective and intelligent NLP

Empower Users with Fast, Accurate Customer Self-Service

Traditional IVR systems offer a small set of fixed phrases that they can recognize. This can be frustrating for users because it forces them to navigate lengthy and confusing menus. Alternatively, our natural dialog system allows callers to simply state their need or task in plain language rather than deal with touch-tone menus—providing human-machine interaction that’s just like talking to a live agent.

This technology is an important component to virtual assistants, chatbots and other conversational UI experiences. With Sestek Natural Language Processing, you can help your users find the self-service solution that they need immediately. This, in turn, reduces call durations and optimizes your support team’s workflow, freeing precious time otherwise spent on routine tasks. Therefore, Sestek NLP helps your organization boost customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs.

Our Software Provides Must-Have Customer Self-Service Features

Our cost-effective NLP solution understands caller intent, then asks clarifying questions if more information is needed. Users can speak to the software in their own words for an experience that’s indistinguishable from talking to a live agent. By not requiring users to deal with confusing menus, NLP routes customers to the self-service application or agent they need in just a few steps, without any mistakes.

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