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    Sestek Newsletter 2020/1

    We Need AI More Than Ever There is growing fear about the spread of the COVID-19 that points out the same question: Can AI help us solve this problem faster?…
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    Sestek Newsletter 2019/4

    Sestek Presents 2019 Recap As 2019 comes to a close, we wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved one’s prosperity, good health, and happiness in the…
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    Sestek Newsletter 2019/3

    Conversational Technologies Made Simple We started a new video series: Technologies Made Simple. With these videos, our team explains the basics of conversational AI & analytics technologies. In our first video, our…
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    Sestek Monthly Digest, 2019 August

    AI Sniffs Out Unsafe Food Researchers trained a machine-learning algorithm to read Amazon reviews for hints that a food product would be recalled by the Food and Drug Administration. The…
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    Sestek Monthly Digest, 2019 July

    Microsoft to Invest $1 Billion in Artificial-Intelligence Startup Microsoft is making a $1 billion investment on OpenAI. The company was founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman to do research…
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    Sestek Newsletter 2019/2

    Hepsiburada Increased Self-Service Rates with Speech Enabled IVR We participated in the Customer Services and Experience Event in March. At the event, we gave a presentation with Hepsiburada to share…
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    Sestek Monthly Digest, 2019 May

    AI-101: Introduction to AI-related Terms Artificial intelligence is among today’s popular buzzwords. Businesses cannot stop talking about it. Here is a guide that explains some of the key terms associated with…
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    Sestek Monthly Digest, 2019 April

    120 AI Predictions for 2019 “In 2019, AI will get down to work beyond the hype and the headlines. To make people and processes smarter…” Here is what business leaders think about…
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    Sestek Newsletter 2019/1

    Sestek is the New DevConnect Partner of Avaya We signed a partnership agreement with Avaya to become a DevConnect Technology Partner. With this partnership we will develop enhanced applications for…
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    Sestek Newsletter 2018/4

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