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Speech Enabled Password Reset

To keep their data secure, many businesses frequently change user passwords. While this protects company data and secrets, it can be a nightmare for employees and IT professionals. Over time, regular changing of passwords costs IT professionals a significant amount of work time that could be put toward more urgent matters.

With Sestek Password Reset, your employees can authenticate and manage passwords on their own using advanced voice biometrics. They can use their unique voice—or “voiceprint”—from any phone, without the need to bother IT staff.

Automate Password Resets Without Sacrificing Security

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Benefits – Voice Biometrics is Profitable

Reduce the costs of legislation compliance and increase ROI by drastically reducing live agent time spent to authenticate users.

Sestek Password Reset is convenient and profitable, allowing your employees to reset passwords without the need of IT support.

Benefits – Password Reset is Secure

When you automate password resets, you eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to secure information. Our proven biometric technology confirms a caller’s identity via voice, ensuring strong protection of data that’s compliant with corporate policies.

Benefits – Voice Biometrics is Efficient

Our self-service automated password reset system minimizes the workload for your IT staff, giving them more time to devote towards urgent, demanding issues. 

Automated password reset is available around the clock, letting employees manage their passwords quickly and conveniently.

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