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Product Analysis, Agile Working and Design Processes at Sestek

Product Analysis, Agile Working and Design Processes at Sestek (In Turkish)

Our analysts, Reyhan Tosun and Can Atılgan, from Sestek Product Management Team, had an interesting conversation about their department’s operations, product development processes, and Sestek’s agile transformation. They also discussed lean UX/UI concepts while questioning whether their product design process has an artistic dimension or not.

New Truths About Self-Service: Enabling Conversational Intelligence

New Truths About Self-Service: Enabling Conversational Intelligence

Sestek’s Founder and CEO, Prof. Levent Arslan, came together with Dan Miller and Derek Top from Opus Research to discuss how self-service is evolving with conversational technologies today. They examined the challenges in detail the businesses face today and offered solutions with real-life use cases. Treating every conversation as conversational intelligence, promoting technological synergies among the solutions, and completing the circle by orchestration were among the key takeaways of this webcast.

Türkiye Hazır Giyim Sektörü E Ticaret Araştırması 2021

Turkey’s Apparel Industry E-Commerce Survey 2021 (In Turkish)

The pandemic shifted customer preferences towards e-commerce channels drastically and apparel brands with established e-commerce operations took advantage of this momentum. We surveyed 30 decision-makers from the apparel industry to evaluate their awareness about customer service approaches and the use of AI-based technologies in the e-commerce channel. The results show that economic slowdown, increasing costs, and sustainable profitability continue to be among the industry’s top concerns. Sestek’s Sales Manager Selin Özbalmumcu and NİCE Medya’s Chief Editor Eylem Gun discussed the survey results in this webinar.

Helping Contact Centers with 3A's of Conversational Solutions

Helping Contact Centers with 3A’s of Conversational Solutions

At our latest episode, we are discussing in detail how AI-powered conversational solutions help contact centers to improve performance during times of high call traffic.

We call it 3A’s, Automation, Authentication, and Analysis. Our UK Sales Manager, Glen Thompson is analyzing the market need and asking the right questions to our Pre-Sales Director, Anil Oztuncer, as he gives us details on the technologies and tangible financial benefits on the solutions. The discussed topics are;

  • How Conversational AI help increase self-service rates
  • Authenticating customers safer and faster with voice biometrics
  • Improve agent experience and customer experience with analytics

Podcast The Rise of Conversational Automation in New Normal

The Rise of Conversational Automation in New Normal (In Turkish)

In this episode of our podcast series, we come together with Sestek’ General Manager Serdar Karadayı, Business Development Director İlhan Karakoç and Sales Director Ahmet Subaşı. We discuss in detail the rise of conversational technologies. We also talk about our guests’ personal experiences during the pandemic, and look for answers to the following questions:

  • Now that we see a significant increase in traffic towards alternative channels like websites and call centers, how can AI-powered solutions help companies manage this customer traffic?
  • What does the future hold? How and to what extend AI will be the part of the customer journey in the “new normal?”
  • What would be your simple game plan to follow for a company planning to invest in AI? Where should it start?

The Rise of Conversational Automation in the Post-COVID World

The Rise of Conversational Automation in the Post-COVID World

At our latest episode, we are going straight to the point. How can AI-powered conversational automation help companies in the “new normal”? How should we, as employees feel when AI starts being implemented in our company? What is the playbook for management to successfully implement AI and get the fastest tangible results out of it?  We are discussing all of these and more with Microsoft’s Data and AI Solutions Consultant, Shakeel Mohammed, and our VP of Sales, Ahmet Subasi. So, join us at our newest podcast.

How to Better Serve Customers from Home

At our new episode, we are addressing the popular issue of working from home. The customer service industry might be one of the leading industries being affected by this. On the one hand, agents are working alone, facing the customers without the assistance of supervisors. On the other hand, managers are searching for ways to monitor and manage operations effectively. Our consultancy team leader, Fahrettin, and our technology consultant, Öykü, are giving important insights about quality management (QM) tools for contact centers to help them adapt to this new way of doing business. So, join us to hear all the details.

In Search of Crisis-Proof Solutions for Contact Centers

At this episode, we are discussing solutions that contact centers are turning to for consistent customer experiences during these difficult times. Our VP of Sales, Mr. Ahmet Subasi is joining us to give details about AI-powered conversational solutions that are greatly helping customer operations not to be affected by the pandemic. We are also celebrating our partnership with the largest unified communications and contact center company, AVAYA, and we are discussing how our solutions help AVAYA customers in their journey of digital transformation. So, join us for all the details.

The Dilemma of the Retail: Customer Experience or Profitability

The Dilemma of the Retail: Customer Experience or Profitability

In our second episode, we are turning the spotlight on retail. Should retail companies invest in customer experience or focus on increasing profits by cutting costs? Our senior account manager Cem, explains in detail how retail companies can do both the same time. By benefiting from Conversational technologies like chatbots and conversational IVR, retailers can improve the customer experience and cut costs on the live workforce side. Conversational technologies may be the light at the end of the tunnel for the retail industry. So join our discussion.


Are Smart Assistants Smart Enough? How can AI help for better user experiences?

At this first episode of our podcast series, we are talking about conversational AI. How AI can help improve the user experience when engaging a chatbot or a virtual assistant. We are presenting some useful tips in building smart chatbots. We are also talking about our latest project ViBi, a smart banking assistant for Turkey’s one of the largest banks, Vakıfbank. The technology, the journey, the results.

The Sestek Story

The Sestek Story: The technology, the solutions, the company (in Turkish)

At this episode, our CEO, Prof. Levent Arslan is talking about the Sestek journey. In the last 20 years, Sestek has become an industry leader in conversational technologies.  Our CEO is sharing details about operating as a R&D center, our expansion efforts to international markets, our product roadmap and more.