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A collection of talks by thought leaders of the tech world.

The Dilemma of the Retail: Customer Experience or Profitability

The Dilemma of the Retail: Customer Experience or Profitability

In our second episode, we are turning the spotlight on retail. Should retail companies invest in customer experience or focus on increasing profits by cutting costs? Our senior account manager Cem, explains in detail how retail companies can do both the same time. By benefiting from Conversational technologies like chatbots and conversational IVR, retailers can improve the customer experience and cut costs on the live workforce side. Conversational technologies may be the light at the end of the tunnel for the retail industry. So join our discussion.


Are Smart Assistants Smart Enough? How can AI help for better user experiences?

At this first episode of our podcast series, we are talking about conversational AI. How AI can help improve the user experience when engaging a chatbot or a virtual assistant. We are presenting some useful tips in building smart chatbots. We are also talking about our latest project ViBi, a smart banking assistant for Turkey’s one of the largest banks, Vakıfbank. The technology, the journey, the results.

The Sestek Story

The Sestek Story: The technology, the solutions, the company (in Turkish)

At this episode, our CEO, Prof. Levent Arslan is talking about the Sestek journey. In the last 20 years, Sestek has become an industry leader in conversational technologies.  Our CEO is sharing details about operating as a R&D center, our expansion efforts to international markets, our product roadmap and more.