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In today’s social landscape, social media channels have become incredibly important for marketing, news, and forging relationships with one another. This is especially apparent in younger generations who have grown up socializing online. Each day, social media users generate a significant amount of data you can put to good use for your organization. But all that data comes with a price: it can be incredibly difficult to sift and sort through!

Sestek SocializerVox is a special social media management tool that makes it easy for you to analyze customers’ social activity by discovering trends and patterns in what they post, including sentiment analysis. This can be essential to your brand’s health, helping you understand customer sentiment as well as emerging themes, topics and locations of activity.

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Give Your Customers a Voice with SocializerVox

Our software helps you take your social media management to the next level by letting you tap into the voice of online customers. It collects and delivers priceless information on the things that matter to them—data which you can act on to better anticipate their needs.

With this sophisticated social media monitoring tool, you can gain key insights on market conditions as well as your brand reputation. This keeps you a step ahead of competition, helping you develop successful and leading online public relations strategies.

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Sestek SocializerVox provides real-time tracking and analysis of online posts, giving you an always-up-to-date social media monitoring report. In addition to sentiment analysis towards your brand, you will also receive competitor analysis management through our user-friendly interface. Statistics based on classified items further let you track the metrics that matter to you.

This tool isn’t just about passively listening, though. Our rich and comprehensive reporting interface includes organizational tools too, like a tag cloud view and detailed filtering options. This helps you find the exact information and metrics you want—but if you just want a quick finger on the pulse of your audience, our drill-down feature will provide it.

Successful Projects – Unicredit – Yapi Kredi

Sestek Success Story Yapi KrediWith the deployment of SESTEK SocializerVox in the operations of Unicredit-Yapı Kredi, the company’s Voice of the Customer platform began to receive data from social media. SESTEK’s social media analytics solution became an important tool in providing insight about customer experiences. All content about Unicredit-Yapı Kredi that was shared in social media could be monitored and classified with the help of detailed content and sentiment analysis.

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