Let the customer
Speak freely

SESTEK's Speech Enabled IVR saves
callers from complex menu navigation
and routes them to the right destination
by letting them say what they need


Your Customer

SESTEK Speech Analytics captures
invaluable insights on customer experience
by analyzing all the recorded calls


Your voice
Your pasword

SESTEK Voice Biometrics authenticates your
callers through their voice in a fast and accurate way
and delivers an invaluable experience


Ask our

Lets customers enter natural questions
as if they are having a chat with a live agent.



SESTEK Virtual Assistant transforms
apps into virtual assistants with
speech technologies and provides
personalized self-service


Best technology
Solution provider

SESTEK was recognized as the Best Technology
Solution Provider at Call Center Week
Excellence Awards 2016

What did they say about us?

“Customer satisfaction is a priority for TEB. This is why we attach great importance to innovative technologies that help us understand our customers’ needs in order to provide them with faster and more practical solutions. Sestek Speech Enabled IVR removes complicated DTMF menus from traditional IVR systems, routes callers to the right destination in less time, and allows them to complete their transactions with ease. Our customers’ quick adaptation to the technology serves as a testimony to the benefits.”

Özge TekalpHead of TEB BNP Paribas Joint Contact Center

“We implemented Vocal Passphrase technology at Turkish Telecom Contact Center to
allow our customers securely and easily complete various transactions without losing
time with traditional security questions. When we decided to carry out this project,
Vocal Passphrase was a new technology and choosing the right technology provider
was an important decision to make. Sestek’s expertise in the speech technology
field and continuous R&D efforts played an important part in our decision. Rapid
increase in the number of registered voice prints and positive feedback we get from
our customers prove that we made the right decision.”

Eniz AkdağTurkish Telecom Call Center

“As a result of our quality approach, we closely follow developments in technology
in order to deliver improved services. Implementing Sestek Speech Analytics in our
call center helped us obtain crucial data that directly influences our performance
management. Since we see Sestek as a partner rather than a vendor, we engaged in
interactive communication during the project. Our continuous feedback contributed
to the development of new modules for Sestek Speech Analytics.”

Çağlayan BakaçhanGaranti Pension Executive Vice President

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