In the simplest terms, a chatbot is a software that you chat with to get things done or entertain. From retail and ecommerce to entertainment and media; chatbots have a wide range of use.

SESTEK Chatbot conducts a natural conversation with customers. The technology, lets customers enter natural questions as they are speaking to a live agent and responds in a similar natural dialog style.

Why SESTEK Chatbot?

SESTEK Chatbot captures the intent of the conversations and provides rapid answers to customers. While common chat applications enable limited conversations regarding a specialized purpose; SESTEK Chatbot enables a wider range of natural conversation.

With SESTEK Chatbot you can;

  • provide your customers with immediate support and always-on service
  • give relevant and rapid answers to your customers’ important questions
  • provide qualified omnichannel self-service
  • enhance customer experience
  • increase user engagement
  • contribute to your brand by reflecting a customer-oriented image