Speech AnalytIcs

SESTEK Speech Analytics captures invaluable insights on customer experience by analyzing 100% of the recorded calls.

SESTEK Speech Analytics transcribes recorded audio to digital text and analyzes customer-agent interactions in call centers based on its speech-to-text and emotion detection technologies and reveals important insights by applying data mining methods. SESTEK Speech Analytics is efficient call-tracking software that enables companies to drive customer satisfaction, improve agent effectiveness and optimize call center processes by evaluating various components, such as hold time, average handle time, call transfers and first call resolution. SESTEK Speech Analytics, which turns unstructured phone conversations into meaningful data, is a crucial contact center application. The contribution of SESTEK Speech Analytics to call centers is reflected in the centers’ efficiency, marketing effectiveness and performance management.

Why SESTEK Speech Analytics?

SESTEK Speech Analytics can help companies gain deep insights from customer interactions—insights that can be used to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and improve operational efficiency. With the help of the speech-to-text module of SESTEK Speech Analytics, data mining methods can be applied to 100% of call recordings in order to uncover root causes and hidden insights in conversations. With its emotion detection module, SESTEK Speech Analytics identifies emotion via variations of pitch or tone. The emotion detection module gives important insights about customer dissatisfaction and agent performance. SESTEK Speech Analytics’ data mining software also provides information about interruption rates in conversations in which the customer and the agent are talking simultaneously; it also identifies periods of silence during conversations. This analysis gives insight into customer dissatisfaction.


SESTEK Speech Analytics, as one of the most efficient call center solutions, does the following:

  • Consolidates specific agent performance data
  • Generates customizable personalized scorecards so that agents can view their performance in terms of absenteeism, adherence, average handle time and quality
  • Consolidates performance reports based on call centric operations
  • Increases productivity and contact center efficiency by automating manual processes and reducing operational costs
  • Contributes to improved average handle time, first call resolution rates and reduced call Center costs
  • Helps contact centers uncover training opportunities to improve agent performance
  • Reduces customer wait times by optimizing high average handle time, which results in increased call center service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Enables marketing departments to assess customers’ reactions to marketing efforts and attitudes toward competitors
  • Supports customer satisfaction while increasing retention rate crosswise, decreasing churn rate
  • Contributes to call center management by giving important insights about call center metrics

Area of Use

SESTEK Speech Analytics, one of the most efficient contact center applications available, analyzes recorded conversations to extract business intelligence. It helps call center managers to unveil important insights in terms of the following:

  • Call center monitoring and call center reporting
  • Agent performance analysis and training
  • Customer satisfaction and customer service quality analysis
  • Automation of quality monitoring processes
  • Issues and crises management
  • Competition, market and campaign feedback analysis
  • Identification of cross-sales opportunities


  • Speech-to-text uncovers root causes and hidden insights by transcribing recorded calls to digital text.
  • Emotion detection provides crucial insights about problematic conversations that result in customer dissatisfaction by using the ratios of anger, monotony, interruptions and silence as evaluation criteria.
  • Topic identification evaluates the whole content of speech and classifies calls into specific categories of interest to the supervisors rather than flagging calls by a specific word (i.e., word spotting).
  • Statistical comparison enables companies to analyze recorded calls statistically by applying root-cause analysis.
  • The evaluation module evaluates agent performance in a goal-oriented way with the help of a specific set of criteria rather than random evaluation.
  • The online module analyzes spoken interactions as they occur and alerts the supervisor with a pop-up when an agent says a forbidden word. This provides managers with real-time agent guidance.
  • The trend analysis module enables companies to gauge the effectiveness of marketing efforts and evaluate the company’s situation in regard to competition by focusing on the most frequently used words and phrases within a given time period.
  • The practical search engine allows users to search for an unlimited number of terms by creating queries that include various components, such as date, agent group, word group, customer gender and interruption rate.
  • Comprehensive reporting enables users to create reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and email them to the related departments as XML documents.
  • SESTEK Speech Analytics includes an integrated stereo voice recorder and includes Quality Management and FCR Analytics modules.