Speech Recognition

What is Speech Recognition?

SESTEK Speech Recognition is automated speech recognition (ASR) software that recognizes spoken words and phrases and converts them to a machine-readable format. Speech Recognition software enables users to interact with a computer using only their voice instead of dealing with buttons and keystrokes. The technology provides highly beneficial and practical ways of using many innovative applications.

How is Speech Recognition Used?

Common voice recognition applications include call routing, speech-to-text and voice dialing. Speech recognition software has a wide range of uses and is effectively deployed in contact centers, IVR systems, mobile and embedded devices, dictation solutions, assistive applications and voice-activated software.

Why SESTEK Speech Recognition?

Since the telephone is still the most-used device in customer service, speech recognition provides an effective solution for many organizations that aim to guarantee high-quality self-service.

Enhanced Customer Experience

By encouraging natural, human-like conversations, SESTEK ASR enables companies to create more satisfying interactions with their customers and deliver a great customer experience.

The technology provides a fast and practical user experience by eliminating long and complex menu navigation and by enabling users to complete transactions by simply using their voice.

Increased Automation = Increased Efficiency

SESTEK Speech Recognition also reduces need for agents through increased automation and freeing up employees for more important tasks. Eliminating agents from data collection and processing not only increases automation and efficiency but also contributes to increased security in terms of protection of customer data.

Voice recognition technology increases the volume of automated calls, which reduces the number of agent hours. With the higher automation it delivers, SESTEK Speech Recognition drives efficiency and cost savings.

SESTEK Speech Recognition reduces call duration and agent need as a result of increased automation. Since agents are eliminated from data collection and processing SESTEK Speech Recognition contributes to increased security.

Basic Technology behind Voice-to-Text Solutions

Dictation solutions, also known as transcribing software, use speech recognition technology. These solutions convert voice to text and let users control devices using their voices and dictate documents without typing. Speech-to-text technology is used in dictation applications for various purposes, such as individual use, legal use and medical use.

Using speech-to-text technology helps businesses to improve documentation processes and decrease transcription costs. Employees can create documents quickly and accurately without losing time with typing. Thus, they can spend time on more crucial tasks.


SESTEK Speech Recognition:

  • Replaces complicated IVR menus with easy-to-use systems
  • Is compatible with all major operating systems and speech standards
  • Improves security by eliminating agents from data processing
  • Provides an alternative for the customers who prefer to skip touch-tone menus and connect to agents
  • Guarantees a better customer service experience, increased customer satisfaction and decreased operational costs


SESTEK Speech Recognition:

  • Has a high recognition accuracy rate as a result of its state-of-the-art acoustic model
  • Integrates with VoiceXML, MRCP, native (SESTEK) API and web service
  • Supports Windows, Windows CE, Linux, iOS and Android

Supported Languages

  • Turkish
  • English
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Azerbaijani