Conversational IVR

Conversational IVR helps you boost customer engagement optimization while reducing operational costs at the same time.

The natural way of omnichannel engagement

Traditional interactive voice responses can be aggravating: we’ve all had to sit and wait while listening to a pre-recorded operator rattle off option after option on a menu. While the wait is bad enough, these systems can be confusing. What if customers make the wrong choice? How will they get back to choose something different? What if none of the options seem applicable to their situation?

When faced with this frustration, many customers might try to bypass the menu altogether to speak to a live agent, which can have disastrous results for your business. Skipping the menu can lead to longer wait times and dissatisfied customers. In turn, these issues put greater pressure on agents and increased operational costs. Thankfully, there’s a better way to offer self-service to customers than with a standard phone menu.

The Solution: Conversational IVR:

Because of the prevalence of digital communication channels—web, mobile messaging, social media, and more—customers expect your company to be accessible via each. They want fast access to the information they need and don’t have the time to sit through a list of pre-recorded menus.

Conversational IVR is the solution for providing fast and friendly self-service to your customers. This technology uses natural language processing to enable human-like interactions with IVR systems. This means that instead of using a touch-tone menu, customers can state their questions or concerns in plain language to the system. From there, Conversational IVR can ask for more information and offer clarifying questions whenever necessary. Without being constrained to fixed menus, customers are given a natural, intuitive experience that’s just like talking to a live human.

It’s obvious to see Conversational IVR’s benefits to the customer. But in addition to increasing customer satisfaction, the technology offers a consistent omnichannel self-service experience, increases your customer service efficiency, and boosts brand perception.

Let your customers say goodbye to complicated menu mazes

Conversational AI Technologies

Sestek Conversational IVR is just one of many products in the Sestek Conversational AI solution group. With advanced call steering technology powered by natural language processing and speech recognition, customers can naturally interact with IVR systems in their own words. The technology can understand customers’ needs and intent, fostering a continuous and natural-sounding dialog with them.

Additional Module: Seamless Agent

You can take customer engagement optimization to the next level by integrating Sestek Seamless Agent into our Conversational IVR. This patented technology allows live agents to support and train Conversational IVR’s artificial intelligence continuously . Here’s how it works: when the system runs into an error, agents can swoop in to correct it before it reaches the customer. This action is unbeknownst to the customer, who will continue having a flawless experience with the system. As the AI learns over time, the need for live agent intervention will decrease. Depending on your organization’s needs, you may want to integrate this technology with Conversational IVR for customer engagement and workforce optimization.


Offer a consistent, intuitive and conversational IVR experience

Consistent Omnichannel Self-Service

Thanks to ubiquitous communication channels on social media and mobile apps, customers can easily get in touch with brands. Because it’s so easy to send a message, customers demand immediate responses to their questions, concerns, and problems. They expect the same from IVR systems, but traditional solutions can be overly complicated and frustrating to use. With Sestek Conversational IVR, customers don’t need to wrangle with limited menu trees, providing a smooth and intuitive IVR experience across all channels. This means customers can receive quality self-service uninterrupted across channels and devices, resolving issues from whichever channel they prefer—whether in a call, in a mobile app, or on social media.

Enhanced Customer Experience

There’s no faster way for the customer to be routed to the right self-service than by Conversational IVR. Using the traditional IVR model, customers would waste precious time navigating a confusing maze of touch-tone menus. But with Conversational IVR, they simply state their need in their own words before being connected instantly to the right solution. Simplified IVR navigation delivers intelligent, personalized experiences to meet rising customer expectations. Because this IVR experience is rendered in natural dialog, customers can self-serve in a process that feels just like speaking to a live agent. Advanced and accurate routing helps customers avoid annoying IVR menu mazes, helping callers find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Higher Efficiency

Conversational IVR helps you boost customer engagement optimization while reducing operational costs at the same time. Faster and more efficient call routing helps customers find solutions faster, reducing calls and lightening your team’s workload through automation. This technology decreases call center costs and contributes to workforce optimization by decreasing the average call duration, lowering the number of misrouted calls and reducing the need for customers to speak to an agent. In addition, IVR systems powered by speech help with customer engagement optimization by increasing the use of self-service, improving resolution rates, and giving your business a higher ROI.

Differentiated Brand Perception

Many organizations already use speech technologies as an alternative to touch-tone IVR systems. But when these speech-based solutions still rely on rigid, fixed menus, they offer little advantage to customers over touch-tone ones. Conversational IVR, on the other hand, is powered by sophisticated natural language processing. This technology allows users to navigate menus quickly and easily in plain language. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and greater customer loyalty, a sustainable competitive advantage, and a positive brand perception from customers.


TEB BNP Paribas Increased Their IVR Completion Rates

teb bnp dark

As one of the leading banks in Turkey, TEB BNP Paribas Joint provides a phone branch service that enables its customers to conduct various banking transactions, such as money transfers and investment transactions, by phone 24/7. With the goal of overcoming the complexity of menu navigation in traditional DTMF IVR systems.

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Garanti Pension Enhanced Customer Experience


Before the implementation of Sestek Conversational IVR technology, all incoming calls to the Garanti Pension Contact Center were answered by customer representatives. This manual process was time-consuming and prevented customer representatives from providing additional services. The call center could only provide support.

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“Customer satisfaction is a priority for TEB. This is why we attach great importance to innovative technologies that help us understand our customers’ needs in order to provide them with faster and more practical solutions. Sestek Speech Enabled IVR removes complicated DTMF menus from traditional IVR systems, routes callers to the right destination in less time, and allows them to complete their transactions with ease. Our customers’ quick adaptation to the technology serves as a testimony to the benefits.”

TEB BNP ParibasHead of Joint Contact Center

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