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Fast and secure way to authorize customers, using more than 100 unique parameters of their voice.

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  • Increase Security

    With features like playback manipulation, synthetic voice detection and voice change detection, the solution presents effective fraud protection.

  • Decrease Call Durations

    Knovvu Biometrics decrease duration of calls requiring customer authentication by average of 30 seconds.

  • Improve Experience

    Language, accent, or content independent solution provides a seamless experience for customers, and for agents.


ING Decreases Call Durations by Voice Biometrics

Using Knovvu Biometrics, ING automated the customer authentication process and improved agent and customer experience simultaneously

  • 19

    Seconds decrease in call durations

  • >100

    Parameters monitored for secure authorization


    Significant improvement in customer and agent experiences

“Using Voice Biometrics, we achieved to shorten the duration of customer calls by 19 seconds”

VP of Customer Service , ING

Global Brands Trusting Knovvu Technologies


Knovvu Biometrics

Monitoring more than 100 unique parameters of the voice, Knovvu Biometrics can authorize callers within seconds. Being a language, accent, or content independent, it provides a seamless experience in real-time. With the blacklist identification feature, the solution crosschecks caller voiceprint with the blacklist database and enriches security measures against fraud.

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Knovvu Biometrics Differentiators
  • Higher Performance

    Knovvu provides 95% faster speaker identification in large datasets.

  • Better Accuracy

    We trust in our 98% accuracy rate in both speaker identification and verification.

  • Faster Processing

    Authentication durations are reduced to 3 seconds. And no passphrase required.

  • Increased Security

    Knovvu Biometrics present an improved synthetic voice detection.

  • Noisy?
    No Problem

    State of the art noise and background speech elimination for noisy environments.


  • 20M

    Bot Active

  • 500

    Customers in
    20 Countries

  • >98%

    Accuracy In Speaker

  • 100%

    Developed Technology

  • 100%

    Project Delivery



Improve Your Conversational Customer Journey

Let’s go into detail on how Knovvu’s conversational solutions can improve your agent and customer experience

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