Knovvu Speech Recognition

Accuracy Rate of >97%

Higher speech recognition accuracy means actionable insights, deeper analysis and better business results.

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  • Increase Self Service

    SR technology enables interactions between customers and systems, supporting customers using voice to reach answers and solve problems.

  • Improve Experience

    Whether it’s executing a banking transaction or navigating through a voice-enabled IVR, the experience is elevated because it is fast and effortless.

  • Reduce Costs

    When customers can interact with systems seamlessly, process automation and self-service rates increase. This means most valuable agent time is saved.


Unilever boosts sales after listening to customers

Using Speech Recognition technology, Unilever Turkey listened to more than 120K customers calls asking for more product variants of its bleach product; Domestos.

  • 120K

    of calls converted into text and analyzed

  • 6

    new product variants introduced to the market

  • 48%

    increase in sales growth

“For this project, we decided to work with SESTEK, known as the best company in their line of work. Especially, their expertise in voice technologies attracted our attention.”

Unilever Turkey

Global Brands Trusting Knovvu Technologies


Knovvu Speech Recognition

The technology enables systems and applications to understand user commands in spoken language, instead of buttons and keystrokes. This helps customers interact with systems to solve issues without the need of live agents. The success of speech recognition projects relies heavily on the accuracy rate, meaning accurately understanding what customers are saying. Our market-leading rate ensures this success.

Supported languages for our Speech Recognition product include:

English • French • Spanish • German • Arabic • Turkish • Russian • Mandarin • Urdu • Dutch • Czech • Italian • Ukrainian • Flemish • Indian • Kazakh • Pashto • Persian • Azerbaijani • Kurdish • Japanese • Portuguese • Latvian • Swedish • Tagalog • Finnish • Danish • Norwegian • Croatian • Greek • Korean • Polish • Swahili • Welsh


Speech Recognition (SR) technology converts speech into text.
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Speech Recognition
Comparison Test

WER (word error rate) is a common metric for SR engines; it is the ratio of the total words of the error to the total number of words in the reference. Smaller the ratio, the more accurate the engine.


Improve Your Conversational Customer Journey

Let’s go into detail on how Knovvu’s conversational solutions can improve your agent and customer experience

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