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Speech Recognition Demo

Speech Recognition (SR) technology converts speech into text.

This allows customers to interact with systems using their voice and for systems to understand customer intent. The technology allows organizations to provide automated self-service solutions.

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Text-to-Speech Demo

This technology converts text into speech.

Vocalized content allows systems to engage with customers more effectively. The technology helps companies drive automation and increase efficiency by reducing operational costs—all while improving the experience.

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See How Knovvu Virtual Agent
Automates Banking Transactions

  • Banking Bot Demo in English
  • Banking Bot Demo in Turkish
  • Banking Bot Demo in Arabic


Knovvu Virtual Agent

With 100% in-house developed Speech Recognition (SR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies, Knovvu Virtual Agent understands customer intent and responds without the need for live agents.

Knovvu Biometrics

Monitoring more than 100 unique parameters of the voice, Knovvu Biometrics can authorize callers within seconds.

Knovvu Analytics

Knovvu Analytics collect 100% of customer interaction data at customer service channels and convert it into meaningful information for decision-makers.

Knovvu Analytics Interface Demo

Watch our Knovvu Analytics demo to see the interface & the capabilities of our new generation product.



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