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This calculator automatically calculates your estimated cost savings when you integrate Virtual Agent technology into your call center.
Please fill in the below necessary fields according to your current call center metrics to see your monthly and yearly savings.

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Calculator Glossary

Number of Agents
Number of agents responsible for calls. 

Cost per Agent
Average monthly salary of agent. 

Total Inquiries
Total number of customer inquiries received monthly. 

Cost per Inquiry
Total cost of agents divided by the number of inquiries. 

Percentage of Inquiries handled by Virtual Agent
Based on actual customer testimonials, the average percentage of customer inquiries handled by Virtual Agent. 

Number of Inquiries Handled by Virtual Agent
Total number of inquiries multiplied by the percentage of inquiries handled by Virtual Agent. 

Monthly Cost Saving by Virtual Agent
Number of inquiries handled by Virtual Agent multiplied by cost per inquiry. 

Annual Cost Saving by Virtual Agent
Monthly cost savings multiplied by 12 months. 

Saving in FTE
Monthly cost saving divided by cost per agent.

  • Serve Customers 24/7

    Automate customer service tasks and respond to your customers around the clock without increasing operational costs.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Add one extra agent at every customer channel to handle simple tasks so that the rest of your team can work on complex issues.

  • Reduce Costs

    From our actual customer testimonials, we know that Knovvu Virtual Agent can save in average 5 FTE (full-time equivalent) agent costs.

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Knovvu Virtual Agent

With 100% in-house developed Speech Recognition (SR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies, Knovvu Virtual Agent understands customer intent and responds without the need for live agents. Our market-leading speech recognition accuracy rate enables Knovvu Virtual Agent to effectively automate simple tasks, help increase self-service and decrease costs for customer service operations.

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