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Asking customers for passwords and PINs are a thing of the past. Voice biometrics technology can authenticate customers and identify fraudsters in seconds using their most unique feature: their voice.

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What Is Not Working?

Asking multiple security questions to customers does not make them feel more secure.

Although customers define “forgetting passwords and PINs” as a recurring problem, organizations are lacking ways to respond and ease the authentication step without lowering security measures. As a result, customers, and customer representatives, are left with long and frustrating processes.

The Solution

Knovvu Biometrics can authorize customers in real time and help improve the experience significantly.

Knovvu Biometrics provide real-time authentication that is language, accent, and content independent. Using more than 100 unique parameters of their voice, the technology securely authorizes customers within seconds.

  • Reduced Costs

    Voice biometrics technology can shorten calls by 20-30 seconds. This is almost 10% of an average call duration. As contact centers receive thousands of calls requiring authentication, this technology can help reduce call costs significantly.

  • Improved Experience

    With the passive authentication feature, the solution verifies users as they speak naturally, without any specific passphrase requirement. The solution can also be integrated into IVR systems, enabling customer authorization without the need of live agents.

  • Increased Security

    The technology verifies 100+ parameters of voice for secure authentication process. With features like playback manipulation, synthetic voice detection and voice change detection, the solution presents effective fraud protection.


Knovvu Biometrics

Monitoring more than 100 unique parameters of the voice, Knovvu Biometrics can authorize callers within seconds. Being a language, accent, or content independent, it provides a seamless experience in real-time. With the blacklist identification feature, the solution crosschecks caller voiceprint with the blacklist database and enriches security measures against fraud.

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Technology Making a Difference

  • 20 Seconds

    “Using Voice Biometrics, we achieved to
    shorten our call duration”

  • 3 Million

    “Number of our customers enrolled and
    enjoying the experience”

  • 400K USD

    “Our annual cost saving using Voice
    Biometrics technology”



Improve Your Conversational Customer Journey

Let’s go into detail on how Knovvu’s conversational solutions can improve your agent and customer experience.

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