Cost Savings Estimate with Voice Biometrics

This calculator automatically calculates your estimated cost savings when you integrate Voice Biometrics technology into your authentication process. Please fill in the below necessary fields according to your current call center metrics to see your monthly and yearly savings.

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Calculator Glossary

Number of Agents
Number of agents responsible for calls. 

Cost per Agent
Average monthly salary of agent.

Calls Requiring Authentication
Calls requiring customer identity verification.

Total Cost of Agents
Total monthly salary paid to agents. 

Cost of Authentication Call
Total agent cost divided by number of calls requiring authentication. 

Decrease in Call Duration with Voice Biometrics
Based on actual customer testimonials, the average decrease in call duration with Voice Biometrics used in the authentication process. 

Monthly Saving with Voice Biometrics
Number of authentication calls multiplied by cost per call multiplied by decrease in call durations.

Annual Saving with Voice Biometrics
Monthly savings multiplied by 12 months. 

Saving in FTE
Monthly savings are divided by monthly agent salary.

  • Increase Security

    With features like playback manipulation, synthetic voice detection and voice change detection, the solution presents effective fraud protection.

  • Decrease Call Durations

    Knovvu Biometrics decrease duration of calls requiring customer authentication by average of 30 seconds.

  • Improve Experience

    Language, accent, or content independent solution provides a seamless experience for customers, and for agents.

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Knovvu Biometrics

Monitoring more than 100 unique parameters of the voice, Knovvu Biometrics can authorize callers within seconds. Being a language, accent, or content independent, it provides a seamless experience in real-time. With the blacklist identification feature, the solution crosschecks caller voiceprint with the blacklist database and enriches security measures against fraud.

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