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Within call center premises, username and password login might be a sufficient process. But when agents are working from home, access to sensitive customer information needs to be secured with higher levels of security.

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The Challenge

Supervisors are struggling to monitor working-at-home agents.

Although working from home might have increased agent efficiency and morale, supervisors are finding it difficult to monitor and assist agents. Especially when fraud cases are increasing in recent years, customer service operations with agents working from home have become an issue for contact centers.

The Solution

Biometrics technology can help verify agents anywhere they work.

Knovvu Biometrics provide real-time authentication that is language, accent, and content independent. Using more than 100 unique parameters of their voice, the technology securely authorizes users within seconds. Contact centers can use this technology to verify agent identity as part of their multi-factor user authentication.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Voice biometrics technology can verify users within seconds, enabling agents to complete the process seamlessly. This contributes to agent satisfaction and retention KPIs at contact centers.

  • Improved Experience

    With the passive authentication feature, the solution verifies users as they speak naturally. The solution can also be integrated into IVR systems, enabling it to work without the need of live interaction.

  • Better Security

    The technology verifies 100+ parameters of voice for a secure process. With features like playback manipulation, synthetic voice detection and voice change detection, the solution presents effective fraud protection.


Knovvu Biometrics

Monitoring more than 100 unique parameters of the voice, Knovvu Biometrics can authorize callers within seconds. Being a language, accent, or content independent, it provides a seamless experience in real-time.

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