Advanced Quality Management

How to Measure
the Intangible

Willingness to help or positive attitude are important KPIs for agent performance at contact centers. But they are overlooked because they are difficult to measure. Well, not anymore.

What is not Working?

Today, measuring the standard KPIs are not enough to effectively manage quality at contact centers.

Average handling time, script adherence, first call resolution rate. These are important KPIs at contact centers, but intangible values such as positive attitude, willingness to help or formal speech are as much important. But they are rarely considered to evaluate agent performance.

The Solution

Advanced Quality Management provides comprehensive view of agent performance, essential for objective evaluation.

Supervisors need 100% visibility of performance to effectively manage their agents. Knovvu Analytics monitor and analyze 100% of customer calls with the ability to measure KPIs such as willingness to help, positive attitude and formal speech. When supervisors add their manual evaluation on top, this -hybrid- approach improves quality management at contact centers significantly.

  • Granular Measurement

    When customers interact with customer service to solve their problems, they expect more than standard processes. Emotional features of the experience are also important. For the agents to master these features, the solution successfully measures and scores intangible KPIs.

  • Actionable Feedback

    Supervisors can only analyze 3-5% of calls by manual evaluation. This process lacks complete visibility of agent performance and results in vague performance reviews. Knovvu Analytics consider 100% of calls, analyze them in detail and enable supervisors to provide actionable feedback to their teams.

  • Boosted Performance

    Agents are likely to perform better when they are assessed accurately and thoroughly. Getting tangible feedback helps them to focus on the areas to improve. Monitoring 100% of interactions helps promote self-discipline and script adherence.


Knovvu Analytics

Knovvu Analytics collects 100% of customer interaction data at customer service channels and converts it into analyzable information for decision-makers. The solution provides critical and actionable insights to understand customers better and improve their experiences. With advanced quality management tools, Knovvu Analytics helps supervisors objectively score and improve agent performance with tangible feedback.

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Technology Making a Difference

  • 10%

    “Using Knovvu Analytics, we decreased the silent rates of our agents”

  • 23%

    “Call quality score at our contact center improved after using analytics”

  • 25%

    “We achieved an important increase in customer satisfaction with Knovvu Analytics.“



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Let’s go into detail on how Knovvu’s conversational solutions can improve your agent and customer experience.

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