What We Do

We Work with AI to Improve the Human Experience

Our vision is to improve the human experience through seamless harmony between humans and machines while leading the global AI-powered conversational automation initiative.

Who We Are


SESTEK is a conversational automation company working on AI-powered solutions for customer service since 2000. Our R&D team of 100+ engineers develops conversational products built on technologies such as speech recognition (SR), natural language processing (NLP), and voice biometrics. We help digitize customer service operations of 500 enterprise clients in 20 countries around the globe.

SESTEK acquired by Unifonic, one of the leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) providers, in 2022.


Want to work on AI technologies with talented peers?

We believe our most important asset is our employees. We focus on providing a non-toxic work environment where our employees enjoy working with us, get excited to develop AI-powered solutions, and are happy to collaborate with talented people/teams.

Join us to make people’s lives easier with technology. Visit our parent company SESTEK’s career page.

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Some of Our Recognitions

" SESTEK differentiates from tech giants by speech features, ability to deliver edge-based models, domain customization, and wraparound system integration support. "


Our History

SESTEK was founded in 2000 by Prof. Levent Arslan, one of world's leading researchers in the area of conversational technologies.

He is the owner of 15 patents, and he participated in more than 30 national and international research projects. Over the last two decades, under his leadership, we have been developing customer service solutions using A.I. technology. We now help over 500 brands in 20 countries improve the experience they present to their customers.

We launched the Knovvu brand as SESTEK’s new-generation conversational automation platform. All SESTEK products are now presented under the Knovvu brand name.

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Our Values
What We Believe In
  • Respect

    We treat everyone respectfully as we want to be treated.

  • Transparency

    Being transparent is our priority for our customers, partners, and employees.

  • Experience

    We aim to present a high level of satisfaction for our customers and employees.

  • Development

    We strongly support the development of our employees.

  • Innovation

    We continuously work on our solutions to make them more agile and effective.

  • Academia

    We are proud of our active role in the collaboration of academia and the business world.


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Want to work on AI technologies with talented peers?

Join us to make people’s lives easier with technology. Visit our parent company SESTEK’s career page.

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